Apr 9, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend!

It was a good weekend.

My Mom called early last week to say they were planning a trip to see us this weekend. It ended up being super quick-Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon-but I'm so glad they could come! It's a busy spring for them as far as weekends go so it was either this quick trip now or wait until May.

On Saturday, my dad took Adrian for a walk and to the playground (thanks, Dad!!) and my mom cleaned the entire kitchen and vacuumed (thanks, Mom!!)

Jeanie was able to come but Dan had to stay home because he had a cold. My mom said he was so excited to stay with my brother Brad that he didn't seem to realize what he would be missing.

My mom joked a few times about Isaac being such a crabby baby. ;) He is honestly such a content baby. Adrian was too, hopefully this doesn't change! Isaac basically cries when he's hungry or needs to burp. And sometimes not even then. The other night he wouldn't burp for me and just as I was drifting back to sleep, he spit up all over himself and it somehow spewed onto the floor. He never cried once.

This was Jeff's weekend to work so he was only able to visit on Friday, they were gone by the time he got home on Saturday. Which means he also missed out on Easter morning and Adrian finding his basket. I almost forgot about the whole Easter Bunny thing with Isaac's arrival. We ended up picking up a little bit of candy and some stickers for his basket. These bunny finger puppets would have been fun but I didn't have everything on hand and I wasn't up for running to extra stores. Maybe next year! Adrian was thrilled regardless of how simple this Easter was.

 He ate all of his candy before breakfast and his gum was all chewed by noon. Ah, well, at least he still has a few stickers left.

And you can see just how long this basket lasted...It was upside down on the floor and he thought he could stand on it. It happened before I had a chance to stop him. At least we got a few years out of it.

He looks pretty remorseful, huh?


Gretchen said...

Isaac is so cute! Crazy how fast they change!

Amanda Kay said...

haha! love that last picture of the punk! Kendall jumped off of a bucket yesterday and broke it midway thru flight. Needless to say, she was quite surprised as she has jumped off of that bucket many times!

~ Jennifer J. said...

haha! Love the basket. :) Little dude.

~ J