Apr 26, 2012

Your Guess is as Good as Mine

I just never know what I'm going to find when I turn around again. I set Isaac on the chair and walked into the kitchen and by the time I turned around, this big guy had joined him.

About the Christmas bib? Yeah, I've got nothin'.


Grace Marie said...

ummmmm did that kill you? Julia would NEVER do that.

SO so so so sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Relaxing in their great grandpa's chair!

Gretchen said...

Adrian is such a cute big brother! He seems to just love Isaac.. So cute!

Jodi Ann said...

haha! That is the cutest thing ever. And the Christmas bib? Just plain awesome.

annu said...

Congratulations on Isaac. I heard you had him but just now got over to check him out. He's a cutie!

~ Jennifer J. said...

Haha! Love this - and them. :)

I can totally see him getting madder as these photos progress (undoubtedly because you're photographing him)!

~ J