Mar 30, 2007

No more wisdom

I got my three (yes three) wisdom teeth pulled this morning and it was not bad at all. I was quite nervous but they gave me laughing gas so I was laughing quite a bit and then before I knew it was all over anyways. I'm doing pretty great right now, only one side of my face looks goofy but I can talk fine so if anyone wants to call and say hello go right ahead! I've seriously been feeling good, I know I've said this already but I think I am still suprised by it. I just want to say my wonderful boyfriend came over (I'm sorry about that Jeff, I just walked away from you) and gave me some lovely flowers but I took them, turned around and went back to sit down, I'm not sure if I even said anything. Then he left. That was good because he would not have wanted to see what happened next. Let's just say I jumped up quite suddenly b/c I was sleeping when he knocked on the door and my stomach was NOT happy about it. Anyhow, I think that enough information for now! goodbye folks!

Mar 28, 2007


Hey everyone, today's been going pretty good but I'm starting to get a little teensy bit nervous for Friday. For anyone who hasn't heard, I get my wisdom teeth pulled then! Kinda scary, but I think I'll be okay. They're just teeth right? Actually, I have to leave in a few minutes to go pick up some perscriptions so I'll make this quick. I went to the gym again today, yippee for me! I hadn't gone in about a month but I finally got my butt up there so I've worked out every day this week so far. Yes this is a big accomplishment. I have Florida to look forward to at the end of next month so thats kind of my motivation right now.
Amanda- I think it's wonderful that womens swim suits are sold seperately but what is not so wonderful is the fact that they all seem to be that much more expensive because of it!!
Well folks, I have to be off, the apartment life is quite wonderful by the way (I've been getting asked about it quite often). Gotta go get some meds...

Mar 23, 2007

In Case You were Wondering...

I forgot to mention that my car did get fixed last weekend, so don't worry, I've been getting to work. And a couple hundred later...actually the more I think about it, the gladder (is that a word?) I am because if I didn't have that guy fix it (oh yeah I don't think I've said anything about him yet) it would still be sitting at Mom and Dad's and Kayla would be driving me to work and I probably wouldn't have posted anything yet! Anyhow, the guy that fixed my car is named Jeff, no not my Jeff. He works for Grand Oaks Auto in Howell and also for some towing company aaaand, besides that he has his own little car business on the side. He lives in Fowlerville. The reason I'm telling you all this is because he said to pass on his number so if you need work done on your car, give him a call...oh shoot, the receipt with his number is at my apartment so I'll put it on here tomorrow or something.
So anyhow, I should go check on my laundry, I've got things to do! Once I finish that I need to go to the gym (I haven't been there in literally a month) then to Target to exchange a belt, then to my apartment. I need to clean it, then shower and maybe do my hair for once before I go to Shannon's dinner! Goodbye folks!

Mar 21, 2007

I'm Back!

Sorry people! I didn't realize everyone was dying to hear about the terribly exciting things that happen to me every day. (Which by the way would be getting hit, ignored, and being at the receiving end of a lot of dirty looks from a few certain 3-year-olds.) Anyhoo, I am officially moved out as of Friday! The first two nights were so cold I couldn't even sleep through the night. I finally added five fleece blankets onto my luxurious air mattress and slept soundly with flannel pants and a sweatshirt. I almost feel comfortable there, the only thing holding me back is the fact that my scrapbook desk isn't moved in yet. Yes, I know, it is scary. In fact everything but the desk itself is there. It really has been great though, I can run there for lunch and sleep there. Well that's all it's been lately, wake up, have Kayla scare me half to death when she sneaks around the corner to say "Good morning!" and then get back in time to say "good night!" Doesn't that sound sweet? Actually I didn't see her at all yesterday besides work. Speaking of which, it's about time to get back. Maybe I'll write something tomorrow when I come back to Mom and Dad's! Good night!
P.S. I'll put some pictures on next week when I actually stay long enough to put all my frames up and get my desk there.

Mar 15, 2007

Stupid Car

Well, funny how things change. I was supposed to be sleeping at my apartment tonight but my car just decided to stop working right in front of Kiser's (sp?) last night so I'm stuck at home. I don't even have another vehicle to use. It just kind of stinks when you have to run around on the playground waiting for your Daddy to pick you up. Who, by the way, is changing my spark plugs and spark plug wires as I type but he doesn't know for sure if that's what the problem is...well we just found out that is NOT the problem. And do you know what that means? That means I am MAD!! What a time for that to happen. Well, I might as well go pack up so my stuff can sit in my room for another night!

Mar 12, 2007

Just a few random pictures

Here are a few random pictures, I had two more but when I was trying to move them around so they don't look so slopped together (like these will probably look) I deleted them and I don't have the patience to upload them again. I figured I should get a picture of Jeff on here so I don't get in trouble. If anyone needs a haircut, I'm going professional so it'll be about $40 per cut. Thank you, have a nice day!

Movin on out

Well the big day is nearly here! I'm should be moving out on Wednesday! Crazy to think about it, I'll only be sleeping at home for two more nights! And quite honestly, I should be packing up my picture frames and such at this moment. If anyone has a mattress they'd like to donate just let me know!

Mar 9, 2007

So I suppose if this is Heidi's World you'll want to know all there is about me. We'll start with my daily schedule. I work at a daycare so I get to deal with awesome kids all day whose parents pay me to be the parent while they go to their big career jobs. Then they pick up their kids so they can see them for a whole three hours (exhausting I know) and get mad at me somewhere in between because their child (who is three) scraped their knee. But of course the pay makes it all worth it............
Other than that, all you need to know is: My best friend in the world is Jeff, my favorite color, depending on the day, is red, yellow, or blue, or any of the colors they make, and I suddenly have all this spare time for the next year and a half because Jeff has just started school.

Welcome to my world! (this is what a 7-year-old comes up with, namely Jeanie)

Well this whole blog thing seem like a ton of fun except for one teeny weeny fact. I haven't a clue as to how to put pictures on it. But you guys are fine with just words right? Oh wait I just figured it out. how do you flip it....?