Mar 28, 2007


Hey everyone, today's been going pretty good but I'm starting to get a little teensy bit nervous for Friday. For anyone who hasn't heard, I get my wisdom teeth pulled then! Kinda scary, but I think I'll be okay. They're just teeth right? Actually, I have to leave in a few minutes to go pick up some perscriptions so I'll make this quick. I went to the gym again today, yippee for me! I hadn't gone in about a month but I finally got my butt up there so I've worked out every day this week so far. Yes this is a big accomplishment. I have Florida to look forward to at the end of next month so thats kind of my motivation right now.
Amanda- I think it's wonderful that womens swim suits are sold seperately but what is not so wonderful is the fact that they all seem to be that much more expensive because of it!!
Well folks, I have to be off, the apartment life is quite wonderful by the way (I've been getting asked about it quite often). Gotta go get some meds...


Amanda Kay said...

How's the mouth?

heidi said...

actually it's not that bad :)