Apr 24, 2010

And the winner is...!

I had my dearest Adrian help me select a winner. Adrian is our puppy, he's really sweet and not-so-cuddly. He follows me everywhere and digs in everything so of course he loved helping me pick a winner. In fact, he was trying to pick a winner before all of the entries were even in the bowl. Of course, I told him that wouldn't be fair so he had to wait. When all the names were in the bowl he chose:


I realize that picture is blurry but as I was saying before, our puppy likes to dig in everything and that's his paw you see in the picture. I didn't have too many chances to get a clear shot before he grabbed the slip and ate it.

Well, not all of it, I did manage to grab most of it after I took the picture. Priorities ya know?

So, Congratulations to Chelsey! I will send you your prize just as soon as you email me with your address!

Thanks so much to everyone else that entered! I have to admit, I was really nervous about putting this on here. (Ask Jeff!) I kept thinking I must be crazy to think anyone would want it so I should also thank each of you for the little confidence boost that I got from each comment. Don't worry, my head will definitely fit out the door. I'm my own worst critic so, I tend to think the worst but, in the end I just have to think, if I like it, chances are someone else will too! You will certainly see more giveaways in the future but for now I have to focus on getting things in the shop so it may be a while! Thanks again for playing along! :)

Apr 23, 2010

Last Chance to Enter!

Remember, giveaway ends at 9:00 tonight!

It wasn't my intention to completely neglect my blog (again). It's not like I said, "okay, I'm doing a giveaway so I can be MIA until it's over." Nothing like that. I had good intentions, they just never went into action. So, since I completely forgot what it was I was actually going to post about today I'll just share my thoughts of the day:

--> I really need to find a carseat for Adrian, he's this close to outgrowing his current one.
--> Speaking of Adrian, he has been making the funniest faces lately, I really need to get a picture. Think of the face you make when you say "Eek!" Now try getting after a little stinker when he's making that face!
--> Jeff ran away for the night. He's camping out and fishing with some local guys.
--> I'm ashamed to admit that we didn't spend any time outside today aside from hanging clothes on the line and it was a perfectly beautiful day!
--> I ordered a few things to make something for Etsy. Ha! You'll just have to check out the shop in a week or so to find out what! Okay, I'll let you know. I'm already antsy waiting for everything to arrive!
--> I worked out today. Go me! Inside. Boo me.
--> I just remembered I pulled Adrian's sheet off his mattress to wash and it's still not washed, guess I should get on that!

Apr 20, 2010

The Bag Giveaway

I feel sort of silly posting this now but I promised you a giveaway so here it is!

Disclaimer: I did not make the bag itself, it's another Target find. However, in the future, should I ever embellish a bag again, I will be sure to make the bag! The reason it took me so long to finish this (and it really didn't take as long as it seems) is that I had to sew everything by hand so the stitching wouldn't show through to the lining. That should be a disclaimer in and of itself. Just to be fair, I'll show you a close-up:

This is a crossbody bag, there are two small pockets inside that would be perfect for your cell phone and keys! There is also a zippered pocket on the front that you can see.

So, the moment of truth; here are the rules for entering:

1. Your comment is your entry.
2. To earn an extra entry rat out a lurker. (Totally stealing that one from Amanda!) One extra entry per lurker. If you're ratting out yourself that counts too!
3. Giveaway ends Friday at 9:00PM EST. The winner will be announced on Saturday!

Now puhlease, don't leave me hangin!

Apr 19, 2010

8-ish months

And the usual:

--> Crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on furniture, trying to walk along furniture, "standing" on his knees
--> Definitely learning that there are certain things he is supposed to stay out of; he looks at us, waits until we start to turn away, tries to grab it, when we turn and look, he pulls his hand back...little stinker!
--> Eating by himself! Woohoo! It is sooo nice to be able to give him the meals that I make for Jeff and myself! No more mashing foods for him!
--> Two little teeth poking up, so doggone cute! Unfortunately for him, he doesn't get to chew on Mom's fingers anymore!
--> LOVES mirrors. There is a big one in his room and he will stand up against it and give himself 'high five' and 'kisses.'
--> Gives big, wet, sloppy, open-mouthed 'kisses' all the time. I love it!
--> Still likes to do his yoga.
--> Loves to knock his blocks over. I could pile them up all day and he would casually knock them down again and again. It's just what you do.

Sooo...I'm almost embarrassed to mention that giveaway but I did finally get around to finishing it! Next time I have a giveaway I'll be sure to have it done before I announce it! (What a concept right?!) Check back tomorrow to see what it is! (Or today, by the time you see this!)

Apr 14, 2010

I shouldn't be here

But, I'm guessing a few of you wouldn't mind seeing this:

I took this video with our webcam so it was kind of hard pointing the camera in one direction while looking at the computer screen in another, otherwise Adrian would just go for the computer...kind of like he did at the end.

Apr 3, 2010

A Keep-away

ETA: I did not make the bag, it is from Target. I just added the flowers!

I embellished this bag. I wanted to give it away. But, now I'm not. And it's not because I'm being selfish, quite the opposite really. You see, this was the first time I have ever made these flowers and I really had no idea what I was doing.

There are just too many mistakes to give this away. I am working on another bag. It might take a month if I mess up because I'll have to keep redoing it until I get it right but, it will be here!

And until it's finished, I plan on staying away so I should tell you 'Happy Easter' now!

And maybe Happy Independence Day too.