Feb 25, 2010

Down Dog!

Despite what you may think, I do not regularly practice yoga.

Feb 22, 2010

A little under the weather, even during beautiful weather

My poor little buddy has a cold. I think this is the first real cold he's had so I'd say we are doing pretty good! I feel so bad for him though, I'm just getting over a cold so if he caught the same thing I did he is feeling pretty awful right now. He's been moaning and restless like he just can't get comfortable. I gave up trying to get anything done today and decided to put him in the sling instead. He's basically been eating and doing this:

Feb 21, 2010

I tried to avoid it

I really did.

But when I woke up to the sun streaming in my window this morning, I wished for spring.

Feb 18, 2010

My day started at 4:45

That's only about, oh let's see, 5 hours ahead of schedule. Did I say 5? I mean, uh...3 hours?

As hard as the waking up part can be, I really do enjoy the early morning. I've always considered myself a morning person more than a night owl although somehow I've "evolved" over the past year or so. My bedtime is closer to 12:30 on any given night. Adrian makes it too easy when he sleeps until 9 or 9:30. On the rare occasion that I do get up early (like today, so I could drive Jeff to work so I would have the car) I ask myself why I don't do this more often. I mean, maybe not 4:45 per se, but it'd be nice to see the sunrise every once in a while!

On the agenda today:

Write up grocery list and meal plan-I never did this...that is NOT good
Visit the Doc to make sure this...infection of mine isn't anything serious-Phew, don't worry, it was no big deal, got it all taken care of!
Take pictures of cards for Etsy (finally) if the sky stays clear enough-Did that, but I'll show you later
Make an exchange at JCPenney before getting my grocery shopping done-did that, now I have some fun tights that actually fit, I was so excited to see them on clearance for $0.97 I didn't realize they were the wrong size
GET LOTS OF QUARTERS-I came so close to forgetting this one
Drive to the airport to pick up my dear husband (where he works, he's not sunbathing in Hawaii or anything)-I might not have to do this anymore, he thinks he can get a ride
Make supper...still thinking about that one, I might just do pancakes and sausage-check
Do 37 loads of laundry which actually won't happen tonight with only one washer but you get the idea-Uh, yeah, I did two, can't wait to do a ton tomorrow!

I hope your day started off as good as mine did! :) And I mean that in all seriousness, I can sometimes be that annoying way-too-happy-for-this-early-in-the-morning person. (And I cannot for the life of me understand why people are crabby in the morning! Again, I'm serious.)

Feb 16, 2010

It's coming

My 3 year blogiversary is coming up on March 9. I need to start thinking about something special to do for my many adoring readers. ;)

Feb 10, 2010

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

ETA: I just watched Adrian pull himself forward!! It's just a matter of time now...

My little big guy is 6 months today. This is probably more for me than anyone else but read on if you're interested!

  • Adrian has been sitting for a while but now he can turn while he's sitting and reach for toys. He's still trying to figure out how to get down on his belly (without accidentally getting there) from that position. I think he did do it today but I wasn't really paying attention so I don't know if it was actually intentional or not.
  • Cereal is getting easier and he really seems to enjoy it. We'll be adding fruits and veggies in the next couple of days!
  • He wants to touch everything that is in his 'bubble.' If we walk past something that he thinks he can reach, his chubby little arms are stretching to get it.
  • He sometimes plays with his pacifier and is figuring out how to get it back in his mouth.
  • He sucks his thumb. People have been asking me if he does when they notice him doing it. Up until a few days ago I would tell them no, he just likes to chew on his hands but he doesn't really favor any digit in particular. I've been noticing lately that he sucks his left thumb. I think it's cute.
  • 12 hours is a good nights sleep. He's been sleeping through the night for about a week (since he started cereal). He started sleeping 10 hours straight plus an additional 2 after eating. Last night was a full 12!! I didn't hear him until 9 this morning! I can't believe how well that's been going. Each night was easier, by about the 4th or 5th night, he only cried for 5 minutes if he cried at all.
  • The only thing that stops him from rolling is the wall. He'll go and go until there is no room left to roll. Then he'll hit his palm on whatever he ran into for a while and eventually roll away again.
  • He babbles all day. Sometimes he squeals, sometimes he moans, and he really likes to get my attention. I just need to copy him and respond to get a big grin.
  • He likes to have stories read to him and songs sung. A favorite is "Old MacDonald." If he's getting fussy while I'm making supper I give him a few 'oink-oink here's' and he's happy as can be.
  • Bath time is a fun time. He loves to splash around and lately, he's been rolling over in the tub. Yesterday he was "swimming" from one end of the tub to another. He can spin himself around in the water too. He's still working on doing that on the floor.
  • He wiggles backwards on the floor somehow and sometimes gets up on his knees and does a variation of "down dog."
  • He is drooling like crazy and wants everything in his mouth but I don't see any teeth yet.
  • He is still basically "the best baby a Momma could ever ask for!" (I tell him that all the time.)

Feb 6, 2010

Sweet Baby Feet

I was searching Etsy for baby shoes for a friend's baby boy (I'm 99.9% sure she doesn't read this) and they have the cutest baby girl shoes!! Why can't boys' shoes be as adorable?! Here are a few I was drooling over:

Gracious May Really, everything in her shop is ADORABLE!

The Vintage Clothespin So fancy!

sewingsparklz She got me with the polka dots!

CurlyBirdie Look at those chubby ankles in these cute Mary Janes!

There are so many more that I love but I could post them all day, you'll just have to search for yourself to see more!

As for boys' shoes, here are a few that did manage to catch my eye:

Handmade Baby Love I love the thought of baby boots, I can just imagine how cute they would be on chubby little feet!

willowtoo I love that these are named "Grandpa's Slippers" how cute is that?

Ivory and Moss Houndstooth on a baby...need I say more?

Barr-etzz These remind me of shoes that boys would have worn when I was a baby.

There was another pair that looked like "big kid" tennis shoes but they seem to be eluding me. I've searched and searched and I can't find them again. Adrian will be growing out of his current pair of shoes shortly so I'll just have to search again later!

Feb 5, 2010

Some things never change

I recall myself, many times when I was young, holding a full glass of water and becoming easily distracted. I would slowly, and unknowingly, tip my glass and inevitably, spill. A certain sound accompanies those many memories: my Dad's voice steadily getting louder, "Heid, Heid, HEID!" It's like he just knew I was going to spill. Amazing.

This morning I was walking to the microwave with a full cup of water to warm up for some instant coffee. (I know, I know, it was a free sample, I had to try it!) What do you know, I became distracted. I was awaken from my reverie by the splash of cold water down my leg.

And I swear to you I heard that voice: "HEID! ...Oh man." I guess I really am still young.

Feb 4, 2010

Make yourself a dang Quesa-DILL-a!

We had quesadillas for supper last night and I completely forgot to get tortillas! Oh no. I've been terrible this week. I have a meal plan, I just don't have all my grocery shopping done! I was all ready to start making supper and realized I forgot the most important part. And then, inspired by Alton Brown, I decided to make my own! The first recipe I tried called for softened butter and they didn't turn out quite like I had imagined. The second called for oil and they were so much easier to make although, I have to admit, I haven't actually tried them yet. I didn't have enough tortillas from the first recipe to make lunch for today.

As if I needed another from-scratch item to add to my list. I am really glad that I did make them however, because now I know how easy it is. I could probably make a whole bunch one day and throw them in the freezer. I can tell you that making them at home is much cheaper than buying them! And probably a lot tastier too. (I'll let you know!) I had wanted to make them with whole wheat but I'm running low on wheat flour and bread trumps tortillas. I should see if I can find a recipe for corn tortillas too...mmmm, that sounds good.

ETA: The tortillas were really good! They were plain flour tortillas so they pretty much tasted like store-bought but better of course. Homemade always is! The recipe I used is from goodLife [eats] (that's a direct link to the recipe) found via foodgawker). I should add that the original recipe calls for whole wheat flour which I would have loved to use but like I said before, I was running low. Also, the instructions are for using a tortilla press, I just used a rolling pin and did it the "old-fashioned" way. Make sure they are really thin! I basically rolled mine until I couldn't flatten them any more and that was using most of my body weight to press down.

Feb 2, 2010

Now that's a first

Adrian started on cereal tonight.

He wasn't so sure about it at first. He made the funniest face when he took the first taste, I wish I had gotten a picture of it. I had planned on having Jeff snap pictures while I fed him but he left for the gym right before I started. So I had to take pictures myself.

And that explains the cereal on his nose. Of course, he's not used to having a spoon in his face so he wanted to grab it. At first anyways.

The poor little guy was a little stare-y eyed, we ate supper so late so I didn't start feeding him until I should have been getting him ready for bed. He was a bit tired.

Can you tell?

Feb 1, 2010

This time last year...

Jeff and I were able to see Adrian for the first time. That is so amazing to think about now. That tiny little baby bopping around in my belly was this little big guy sitting on my lap. Who, by the way, is laughing at me typing. He does that. Uh, speaking of Adrian, P.U! I'll be right back...




So anyways, we all know how fast babies grow. I tell Adrian that every day, "You're growing so so fast!" And he smiles at me. To think that one year ago he was the size of a grape (or something like that) is truly, truly amazing. The other day, after the hockey game we stopped by Jeff's coworker's house. He and his wife wanted to meet us so we popped in for a quick visit. They have a two-month-old boy and the entire time I was there {giggle} I couldn't stop staring at him in awe thinking {giggle} that Adrian was that tiny just MONTHS ago.

I mean, we all know babies grow fast, {giggle} and we all say babies grow fast but there are times like that when we actually realize it. I better not blink my eyes!

BTW, that was Adrian {giggle} giggling as I type. I love that guy. :)