Feb 2, 2010

Now that's a first

Adrian started on cereal tonight.

He wasn't so sure about it at first. He made the funniest face when he took the first taste, I wish I had gotten a picture of it. I had planned on having Jeff snap pictures while I fed him but he left for the gym right before I started. So I had to take pictures myself.

And that explains the cereal on his nose. Of course, he's not used to having a spoon in his face so he wanted to grab it. At first anyways.

The poor little guy was a little stare-y eyed, we ate supper so late so I didn't start feeding him until I should have been getting him ready for bed. He was a bit tired.

Can you tell?


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

He is so cute! We miss that little guy. :)

~ Jennifer

Amanda Kay said...

It's hillarious the faces they make at first! I remember Kendall just shuddering when we gave her fruit - it was so funny! The fruit was way too sweet for her to handle.

gretch said...

He is so cute! Haha.. Love that last picture

Sara P. said...

you know, one thing I'm going to miss someday is that baby #6 doesn't get any pictures. It's not that I love him any less, man, sometimes I feel like I could just eat him up! I remember my first couple taking all these pictures of all their firsts (and writing them down!) They are so fun to look back on! Poor Orrin! And Lucky Adrian! :) He's getting sooo big!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. He is growing up so fast!!!!!!
Love, Grandma Lassila