Oct 26, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy belated birthday, two days late, Matt and Wade!!

Oct 19, 2007

Silly kids

A year ago summertime, I went to the Farmington Hills KinderCare center to work for two days. They needed extra help, someone was off or something, so I decided to step outside of my comfort level and work with people I had never met. A three-year-old boy started talking about cars; he was asking the teacher if she drove her Jeep Wrangler for instance. Noticing that I was quite amazed, the other teacher started asking him, what does Angela drive, what does Chantelle drive? and so on. He knew all of them. He turns to me and asks, what kind of car do you drive? I answer, a white LeSabre. He looks at me quizzically, "can I see it?" So I walk him to the window and point to my car. He looks for a minute,
"That white Buick?"
"You don't have any hubcaps!!"

Amanda and Paul are getting married!

Shoot, I know I'm late on this anouncement. I didn't update...and I didn't update...and then I figured everyone already knew but I suppose I should still say it! They are getting married three weeks before Jeff and me...way to steal my thunder! Kidding! I am very happy for them!
Sharyn asked:

If you had a choice between eating nothing but ramen noodles for a month, or cutting old people toenails for 2 hours a day and being able to eat whatever you want - which would you choose?

I would definitly choose to cut toenails for 2 hours a day and eat whatever I want! I love to eat and I am so looking forward to being able to cook and try new things when I get married! I guess I could do that now but...well...I'll just wait. A soon-to-be relative of mine has that old person smell. We go to visit him at his house and you just want to scour the entire house and get rid of the smell. The thing is, it is a relatively old house and I'm pretty sure all the carpet and wallpaper is from when it was built. So you'd really have to redo the whole house. On another note, I really don't care too much for ramen noodles, cheap as they may be, they aren't very good for you either. One package has 66% of the daily value of sodium!

Oct 11, 2007

Ask me a question...

Ask me a question, make it crazy or serious, I don't care, I need something to write about.

Oct 2, 2007


I went to Fantastic Finds (in Lansing) at the insistance of Cindy yesterday to try on more dresses. I am SO glad I went! I would recommend it to anyone NOT buying a dress! My favorite dress that I tried on was $1400. I had to lie the whole time that I was buying a dress so she asks me if the price is okay and I just say "well, it's a little high but it will be worth it!" As if! People have got to be insane to spend that much! Although...I do know someone who wore that very dress and paid that very amount...hmm...Needless to say I am very thankful to know Marijane! I went to her house afterwards and started planning the dress. Hehe *grin* I'm pretty excited. I just have to go shopping for fabric and probably redesign the bridesmaid dresses. I'm leaning more towards a deep teal-blue color now.