Jan 27, 2009

This little baby of mine

Jeff and I thank you for all your congratulatory wishes!

My official due date is August 20. I went in for that ultrasound yesterday, I never thought it would be so funny! I couldn't stop laughing at that teeny little baby bouncing around and waving at us! It is truly amazing that a baby looks like a baby even when it is only about an inch long!

Hold the onions please

I hereby declare my home onion-free. I realize they may be a very important ingredient in many recipes. They may be a tasty tenderizer for meat. And they may taste delicious when cooked slowly to caramelized perfection. That's just not good enough reason to keep them around. You see, ever since this tiny baby took residence inside my belly, the smell of onions makes me want to toss my cookies. So, in order to keep the inside of my stomach inside my body where it belongs, I am banning onions from my home until further notice. I realize this will be difficult because most recipes call for onions. I will either have to omit them or find recipes that do not call for onions. The latter is proving quite difficult. Don't worry, I will prevail!

Thank-you for your cooperation!

Jan 19, 2009

Blogs, rent, and Oh yeah, Guess what?

For some reason I still can't look at Amanda's blog on the library computers...it still has "adult filter has blocked site" makes me wonder...actually it makes me frustrated. That is the one blog that I can't get to.

We are off to look at apartments and houses for rent today. Wish us luck!

Oh my, I almost forget. That I hadn't said anything on here. I went to the hospital for an exam the other day. And I have to go again in a few weeks to use some machine called an ultrasound. Whatever that is. ;) So I'll have to tell you then when this baby of ours is to arrive! Haha, I am grinning. I can tell you that it will be somewhere around the end of August.

Jan 14, 2009

I need a vacation

And I don't even have a job. I just need to get out. It's pretty brutal not having a car, your home sweet home starts to feel like a prison. Especially when there always seems to be some nasty smell leaking through the cracks around the door. And it's dreadfully cold.
So I told Jeff, as I drove him to work today (I have to pick him up around 2am), that we need to go somewhere. Just fly away. We're thinking somewhere on the east coast. It doesn't have to be hot, just warmer than here. 60's sounds good. We'll only be able to go for a long weekend.

It doesn't neccessarily need to be relaxing. We can do a little bit of adventure.

Any suggestions?

Jan 5, 2009

Sorry 'bout that

Whew! I hadn't expected my posts to be this far between, but so be it.
Christmas was wonderful (I know it probably feels like an eternity ago by now). We were able to go downstate despite losing a car. It was the usual hectic Christmas Eve running from one party to the next but I'm so glad we didn't have to miss out! It was so nice to see everyone from both sides of the family. I was actually supposed to go/come down next weekend again to see Eric and Shannon and their twins. And Evan of course! But, I don't think I'll have a ride and I have a hard time trusting just anyone if the roads happen to be bad. Jeff and I will probably go down in early February so we can see Brad and Larissa's baby at the same time. I figure that otherwise I'll just want to come down again and that starts getting expensive ya know?
We got out first heat bill when we returned after Christmas, what a nice surprise. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but our apartment isn't insulated very well so it is very cold. Our landlord actually came right out and said, just the other day, "that's why I'm not charging you very much rent" in regards to our heat bill. Well gee, thanks. Needless to say, we will be looking for a new place to live in the very near future because we're actually paying more for our apartment here (including heat) than we did downstate and that place was MUCH nicer! It's kind of brutal that we'll have to pack up and move again, it feels like we just got done with that, but I know it will save us money in the long run so we may as well get started looking!