Nov 24, 2007

I Never did Show my Boots

Jen had said on her blog awhile back that everyone should have a pair of red shoes. I just took it a step further. :)

Those Pictures I Promised

Tough Brett picking up Jeanie

I was sitting on the couch for these pictures...that's Molly up there

Jeff didn't go very far
I'm going out shopping with Amanda again today. She's looking for bridesmaid dresses.

Nov 23, 2007

Some Thanksgiving Day Fun

Jeff and I had turkey dinner with the L's. We were able to see Heather and Corey J which was nice. Heather does actually have a little belly contrary to what she told me. It's not very big, about as big as most people stomachs are normally but she has never had even a hint of a paunch. And now she does. :) She's excited though, she said she can't wait til its bigger. We came back to Mom and Dad's around 5 and stayed for the rest of the evening. We lost pretty badly in Rook playing against Paul and Amanda. We enjoyed some free entertainment as well, Dan was free styling and the boys were lifting everyone up like a half "airplane." I'll add pictures later, I need to go cut some hair. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nov 5, 2007

Beautious Colors

After finally finding the fabric for my dress Marijane told Cindy and me to start looking for fabric for the bridesmaids. It took all of thirty seconds to find the perfect one, the fabric even matched with mine! Of course...there was only enough there for two dresses, so alas, I had to find something else. The women working there tried to help us find a similar fabric to order so meanwhile Marijane and I looked around for alternatives. I almost went with orangey-red! Cindy said it was pink. It was SO not pink. Rather pretty actually but not quite what I had invisioned for my wedding, I literally had to put my head down, close my eyes, and picture my wedding in a totally different color that I had planned! Marijane happened to point to a bronzey colored fabric to which I immediatly replied, "That would be Amanda's wedding, not mine! She likes neutrals, I need bright bold colors!" So my friends the color that I chose was....dun dun dun...wait for it...TEAL! (Or did you know all along?)

Nov 3, 2007


Matt and Emily had a baby boy! Brady Daniel was born this morning! We all think he looks Dennis.

P.S. Matt: that doesn't mean he's ugly ;)

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

1. Scrapbooking (duh)
This has been such a cool thing for me because it is the first time that I can truly say I'm good at something. Better yet? I'm a better scrapbooker than all of my friends and they know it (and I didn't even have to tell them). I hate to rub it in but come on! I just think of all those years attempting to play basketball, volleyball, baseball...

2. Picture Frames
My "projects." Most of my frames were bought at garage sales for a dollar or less. I usually just paint them one color and thats it. It would be fun to do a little more than that...

3. Trident gum-original flavor
The ONLY gum I ever buy, they even sell it at Costco!

4. Our Strawberry Blond Ice Cream "Creation" from Cold Stone
Yum! It has stawberry ice cream, real strawberries, graham crackers, caramel, and whipped cream. Delicious!

It is my style inspiration for one day when Jeff and I own our own home. Bright vibrant colors and a modern, yet cozy, feel. I'm pretty sure I love everything there!

6. Smelling the Seasons
I love stepping outside and smelling that distinct change in season. It smelled like winter last night. Bring it on! That means my wedding is that much closer.

7. Brightly Colored Flowers
I absolutely love bright colors, mixing them together is even better. I was thinking of having pale yellow flowers for the wedding but now I'm going to put some other color in too.

8. Talking to Jeff on the way to work in the morning
Jeff calls every day as I'm walking to my car. Recently he's had to work at different buildings (he works for the city) so his times are slightly different or something and he hasn't been calling me too much. I never realized how much I enjoyed those early morning chats until he didn't call!

Have a great weekend!