Jun 17, 2008

I Talk in my Sleep

A lot.
I've been told that I do ever since I can remember. Jeff's already heard it in the short time we've been married. Here's last nights conversation:

Me: I got pulled over 'cause of french fries
J: Were they burnt?
Me: Yup

Enjoy your night! (And this awesome weather!)

Jun 9, 2008

Bikes, Camping, and Summer Vacation

Well!! It's been a while!
Jeff and I are now proud owners of some beautiful new bikes. I've used mine about twice. I won't go to Kensington by myself and it doesn't fit in the car very well. But, the good news, we bought a bike rack the other day so we can take our bikes camping!
Speaking of camping, we are not going to Canada with Mom and Dad this year as we had planned. I'm not sure if I even mentioned that before. I am bummed about that but I'll be okay because we are going to MINNESOTA instead! I am SO very excited for that. We will be visiting Jennifer and Sara of course! I can't wait to see Jen's new house and see ALL of those little kiddos again! WE haven't been out there for about two years now! ANd Jeff has that whole week off in August so we'll be staying there all week! PLUS, we are planning on camping with Paul and Amanda for two nights in the U.P. to break up the trip. So basically we are going to have so much fun!