Jul 31, 2007

Message from a 12-Year-Old

My new hobby: getting my hair cut. Honestly, it's getting ridiculous! I really do love it this time though and I have to say, everyone else does too. :) I keep hearing that it makes me look older. And this my friend is a good thing when people say you look about 7 years younger than you are.
We went to Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and Treatery as well as Borders for a walking field trip today. Does anyone remember what the temperature was at 2:30? I'm guessing it was about HOT degrees. The kids really seemed to enjoy it though so I guess all things considered it went pretty well. For anyone who has not been to Maggie Moo's (today was my first time) it is similar to ColdStone (but of course nothing beats Cold Stone) and the prices are about the same.

Jul 28, 2007

I'm officially moved home as of...er...a week ago. I'm still going about the task of fitting all that stuff into my room however. It seemed like so much less when I had a whole apartment in which to put it! I surrendered my couch to Jeff's house, I figured they'd get more use out of it there until I can use it again. I also let them use my bed (for their guests;). The coffee tables however are just asking too much. They're glass topped so I feel a little better holding on to them myself.
I fear I have gotten into this Harry Potter craze once again. I read the first four books a few years ago and decided to get the fifth. J.K. Rowling really is a great author, I've hardly been able to put the book down. I've decided to buy the series, in hardcover of course. I see it as, if I'm going to put all that money into books they may as well last.
Amanda Kay and Pauly-Wauly are here! This is most exciting, they got in last night. However, they have just left to go shopping so it looks like we won't be seeing them this weekend...kidding but Amanda's looking for a dress for a wedding and we know how that goes. They just don't have any decent dresses these days!
I keep getting all excited about all the scrapbooking I can do now that I'm home (didn't I say that same thing when I moved out?) but just my luck: I ordered pictures last Saturday and they just shipped them on Thursday! *sigh* So I guess I will just have to wait.

Jul 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to my wonderful Mom! She's 5o today!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me! I can finally say I'm 19 for real. I have literally forgotten how old I am! I had to stop and think to myself: I'm 19 right? No, no, no, that's right I'm 18. And since I really am only 19 I decided to take the day off from work. It's very nice really. I'm moving home tomorrow so I moved most of my clothes today and spent the day at Mom and Dad's. I decided to come over and clean or something for Mom since every other birthday I've had I didn't really ever do anything for her because it was my birthday too. And then here I am...it's 3:00 and I really haven't done much.
Jeff and I went to Red Robin for dinner last night (yesterday was his last day of summer break from school) for my birthday-you get a free burger if you're a member-and at the table behind us were three little girls from my class at work with their mom's. I think they were a little puzzled to see me outside of "school" and couldn't stop craning their necks to see me.

Jul 6, 2007

Baby's blood

A woman walked into work this morning with her son and asked to leave a note for her son's teacher. Apparantly he had gone home the day before saying that he drank blue milk that tastes like baby's blood...Sounds like a flavor of Bertie Bott's jelly beans.

Good news! Jeff is off of school for the next two weeks...up until the day before my birthday, figures huh?

Funny how time flies...
I was able to leave work early today so I came to Mom and Dad's. As I pulled up I noticed some kids milling around the yard and when I walked up to the deck I saw a whole slew of kids sitting on the trampoline and nearly tripped over 30 duffel bags. Turns out confo kids are here today. I remember the girls talking about it early but had forgotten until now. It's just strange, I was in confirmation about five years ago. While I never felt very old while I was in it, looking at all these young kids makes me realize just how young I truly was! But the strangest part of all is that I still clearly recall thinking how old Brad or Amanda's confirmation class was at the time. Nowadays down here, I'm among the oldest at kyds so I guess 14 and 15 is pretty young.

Jul 3, 2007

Teacher from the past

Man, have I been slacking on this blogging thing or what?
I saw my 7th grade teacher when I was blogging at the library last week. He's one of those funny guys who's personality fits his looks so as soon as I saw him I bursted out laughing and yelled "SALMETO!!!" So now you have a 60-sum year old man with little circle glasses, bushy gray hair and a tank top (with chest hair poking out the top, no less) shushing me like I'm some sort of madwomen. "We're in a library!" he tells me.

Mr. Salmeto: So you're a H right?
Me: Yeah
S: So how old are you now?
Me: 16, 17, 18, I don't even know anymore, I'm 18
S: What?! 18? Really? So you're graduating this year right?
Me: No, I graduated last year
S: WHAT? YOUR KIDDING!! (note: we're still smack in the middle of the library) he pretends to have a heart attack, turning away, one hand in the air, the other over his heart. Has it really been that long?
Me: laughing I guess so
S: And who were your friends, was that L*ss*l* and K*lp*ll*(that's how he says it), you guys were inseperable (I can't quite figure that one out, we were never in the same class)
Me: Heather and Annette, yep, that would be them
S: Okay, lets go over here we finally head toward the library to avoid all the evil stares So what have you been up to?
Me: Well, I work over at a daycare behind Target now
S: Oh really, tell me some stories
Me: Er...like what?
S: Anything, I'm an english teacher, I need some stories
Me: Oh, yeah, Heather's married now
S: pretends to have a heart attack again. She doesn't have a baby does she?
Me: No, no no, she's just got married this spring.
He was great, like this but multiplied by ten when you have him as a teacher. He's the kind of teacher that makes you forget that you're learning.