Jul 28, 2007

I'm officially moved home as of...er...a week ago. I'm still going about the task of fitting all that stuff into my room however. It seemed like so much less when I had a whole apartment in which to put it! I surrendered my couch to Jeff's house, I figured they'd get more use out of it there until I can use it again. I also let them use my bed (for their guests;). The coffee tables however are just asking too much. They're glass topped so I feel a little better holding on to them myself.
I fear I have gotten into this Harry Potter craze once again. I read the first four books a few years ago and decided to get the fifth. J.K. Rowling really is a great author, I've hardly been able to put the book down. I've decided to buy the series, in hardcover of course. I see it as, if I'm going to put all that money into books they may as well last.
Amanda Kay and Pauly-Wauly are here! This is most exciting, they got in last night. However, they have just left to go shopping so it looks like we won't be seeing them this weekend...kidding but Amanda's looking for a dress for a wedding and we know how that goes. They just don't have any decent dresses these days!
I keep getting all excited about all the scrapbooking I can do now that I'm home (didn't I say that same thing when I moved out?) but just my luck: I ordered pictures last Saturday and they just shipped them on Thursday! *sigh* So I guess I will just have to wait.


Auntie Crazy Anne said...

True about the dresses! was trying to find one too, and all either show everything on the menu or are something a 86 year old would turn up their nose at. What a struggle!

Junkyard Jen said...

Lol. Love that Anne ("everything on the menu"). I'm going to have to remember that one. ;)

And it's so true. - I'm convinced that they don't make decent dresses anymore.

Amanda Kay said...

They don't. My first choice forgot to put straps on the dress, my second has these little strings in place of straps. So I ordered my first choice and I am going to (Hopefully!) put ribbons as straps, as Heidi did on her dress recently. Please wish me luck as it is a denim dress, which normally I do not like, but it's super dark so you would almost just think it's navy blue. I will post pictures if it turns out. Plus I am counting on the fact of it fitting...I tried it on and it was a little bit big, so I ordered the size smaller. I am so crossing my fingers because I REALLY liked it!!

Okay, who's blog is this anyways?? Geez, I should just post this on mine!

Junkyard Jen said...

Lol! (Amanda, I do that sort of thing on everyone's blogs...hopefully no one minds. I love long comments on mine).

Anonymous said...

Poor Heidi Sue... living at home again. I really wish we were closer so we could scrap together.

emily :)

Junkyard Jen said...

I was thinking that too Em. - Poor Beatle! That stinks. You've had a taste of freedom and now you have to move back home. :)