Sep 25, 2008

MmMm, Meatloaf!

Ah, dang! I was going to give you a nice visual of a meal that would surely make your mouth water but alas, this computer does not want me to show you any pictures of my life.

I made Mom's meatloaf for dinner and it was so delish! I ate so much a literally had to sit down and just breath so it wouldn't all come back up! If you get Taste of Home, her recipe is in the August/September issue for "My Mom's Best Meal."

I did earn that meal. I haven't worked out in forever so today I had the urge to go biking. I did the loop in the metro park plus biking from my apartment. I think it's around 9 or 10 miles. That's not that far for biking but come on, there are hills! And I'm out of shape. I passed two people (older than me by the way) twice and another older guy three times...more like they passed me (going the opposite direction).

So anyhow, that meatloaf was really good even if I did have to substitute a few things. I used parsley in place of sage, I know they aren't the same but I figured it needed something and I didn't have sage. I also forgot that I didn't have milk until I had already mixed most of the ingredients so I just used cream (yikes). And I didn't have any crackers so I used potato chips. Come on, it's meatloaf. Anything goes right? It was still VERY good. I also mixed peas with my corn because peas are good for you. That is basically the only reason I ate them. Well that and the fact that they were sitting in my freezer.

Can't wait to see Amanda and Paul tomorrow!!!

Have a fun weekend!

Sep 24, 2008

Reading List

I have my reading list set up on my blog to track all you bloggers and I just love it! I set it up a day or two ago and it makes checking blogs so much faster (especially when our computer is sooooo slow!) I don't have every one's blogs on there yet but man, I just checked/read through about 8 blogs in less than five minutes!

Sep 22, 2008

Fall is in the Air!

We went to a cookout in Kensington last night with Matt and Lori, Wade, Ashley, and Kayla. Jeff and I were noticing that we've been so much busier with our friends in the past few weeks. He had hockey on Friday night and we went to a bonfire at Ed and Michelle's on Saturday night. It just figures considering we're moving pretty soon! It's just going to make it that much harder to go.

After the cookout, everyone came to our place to play Phase 10. I haven't played that game in so long, we had so much fun. And I just love to have a houseful of people! Too bad I waited until my day off today to do some baking! (Sorry guys!)

On a side note: I am trying to help my nanny family find someone to replace me. If you have anyone in mind please let me know, I'd like to give them a few options! Oh, and make sure it's someone I know please!

Sep 19, 2008


We're moving!

Jeff had an interview in Texas yesterday. They flew him down there for the day. He called me around noon to say "Well, I'm going to need a new winter coat!" I just about screamed, I'm so excited! He'll actually be working in Marquette. Their recruiting office is located in Texas. We're both very happy, this is the specific job he's wanted since the first day of school.

We're here until the very beginning of November. That's only a month and a half!

Sep 13, 2008

A Little Clarification

A friend of mine moved away about a year ago and unfortunately, we don't call each other up very often. So I was somewhat surprised to get a phone call from her the other day...wondering if I was expecting. I had to laugh because I hadn't been to Mom and Dad's for about a week and half, which is a long time for me. I had been there just the day before and the first thing I heard when I stepped in the door was "we figured you were waiting til you got a belly to come over." Anyways back to the original story. My friend's suspicions come from the previous post where I mentioned buying baby toys at a garage sale. I hate to keep you in suspense but...I'm not pregnant! I bought those toys because most of my married friends have babies or toddlers. I figured I should have some way to keep them entertained if I ever get around to having those said friends visit!
I'm actually somewhat surprised that no one has asked me that question before now. I mean considering every other young married woman is pregnant right now--there are three in my family alone--I figured I would just be considered pregnant by default.
I hope that cleared up any questions anyone may have been having!

Yikes, I don't think I've ever been this personal on my blog before!

Enjoy your weekend! I'm off to Teresa T's bachelorette party tonight!

Sep 2, 2008

Camping and Saunas

ETA: I did actually type this post the next day, I just never put pictures on it. I'll post what I have tomorrow...if it works. I tried yesterday and the pictures wouldn't even load onto the computer from my camera. Sorry for the delay!

Date posted: Sep 5 (Yes I know, this wasn't quite the "tomorrow" that I was going for)

We took off on Friday afternoon as soon as Jeff was out of work. Well almost that soon, we met his parents at their house first and didn't actually leave for another hour and a half. And to think I was feeling rushed...
We stayed at the State Park in Traverse City; for any of you that have not been there, it's smack dab in the middle of the city, not exactly your middle-of-the-woods campground. The went (salmon) fishing at the crack of dawn every morning. I personally don't think any fish is worth losing sleep over. Apparently they disagree. Jeff caught two, Dave caught one, and Paul caught one.
Other than that, we played lots of card games, went swimming, played putt-putt, and went garage saleing (how in the world do you spell that anyway). Yes, garage sales. We WERE with Paula after all. I am glad we went; Jeff and I really lucked out. We had been planning on buying one of those Coleman gas grills for camping. We found one that looked like it had never been used for $15! They sell for 70 bucks at Meijer!! Jeff's sister Jen thought I was crazy because I kept buying books. I don't know about you but, I'm thinking 7 books for under $1.50 is a pretty good deal!
We ended up going to this one garage sale at the home of an older Finn couple. So of course, Jeff and Paul figured this out and struck up a conversation. Paula and I both bought toys from them. I had paid a dollar for three baby toys. I'm walking away thinking "not bad."
Later on, back at our campsite. A minivan stops in front of our site and who should it be, but this same couple! (We had mentioned that we were staying at the state park.) The woman recognizes me and hands me fifty cents. She says "I was thinking about what you had bought, and I thought 'we were making deals today, she should have only paid fifty cents for those toys not a dollar.' So here's your change!" I couldn't believe she had tracked us down just to give me a measly fifty cents! Well I guess that wasn't it. Once everyone started gathering wondering what in the world this couple was doing at our site, she turns to Paula and invites us all for saunas the next night!
Long story short, we ended up fishing that night instead of going for saunas. But imagine that, a complete stranger inviting us over for saunas!

Sep 1, 2008

Tenting in Traverse City

We were tenting it this weekend. I'll be sure to post tomorrow!