Sep 25, 2008

MmMm, Meatloaf!

Ah, dang! I was going to give you a nice visual of a meal that would surely make your mouth water but alas, this computer does not want me to show you any pictures of my life.

I made Mom's meatloaf for dinner and it was so delish! I ate so much a literally had to sit down and just breath so it wouldn't all come back up! If you get Taste of Home, her recipe is in the August/September issue for "My Mom's Best Meal."

I did earn that meal. I haven't worked out in forever so today I had the urge to go biking. I did the loop in the metro park plus biking from my apartment. I think it's around 9 or 10 miles. That's not that far for biking but come on, there are hills! And I'm out of shape. I passed two people (older than me by the way) twice and another older guy three times...more like they passed me (going the opposite direction).

So anyhow, that meatloaf was really good even if I did have to substitute a few things. I used parsley in place of sage, I know they aren't the same but I figured it needed something and I didn't have sage. I also forgot that I didn't have milk until I had already mixed most of the ingredients so I just used cream (yikes). And I didn't have any crackers so I used potato chips. Come on, it's meatloaf. Anything goes right? It was still VERY good. I also mixed peas with my corn because peas are good for you. That is basically the only reason I ate them. Well that and the fact that they were sitting in my freezer.

Can't wait to see Amanda and Paul tomorrow!!!

Have a fun weekend!


Amanda Kay said...

well, THAT doesn't sound like mom's meatloaf... ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ahem.. Heidi, just keep in mind that you are moving to a college town, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be willing help you eat some of those meals sometime.. Even those of us who don't go to college and just work, but are not married so they don't bother to cook any elaborate meals unless if it's something that you can real quick cook up in the microwave.. Just to keep in mind.. Ahem... Lol

Beatle Sue said...

ha! Come on over anytime Lynette! I usually make enough for leftovers. :)

Emily said...

First of all, it's supposedly called SAGE meatloaf and you didn't even put the sage!

And anything with that much cream in it is going to taste good regardless of what other crap you throw in it... ;)