Oct 9, 2008

And a week later...She finally returns!

I'd like to say that the reason I haven't blogged in a week is because I've been so busy getting ready to move. But that would make me a liar. I had intentions of doing that. Does that count? Actually this is what I did this week:

Monday: Went to Mom and Dad's for supper. I even went to the library before with the littlest ones and Mom. I went to Paul and Paula's afterward to see Grandma Ginger whom I hadn't seen since...I can't remember, sometime before St. Johns. She's been staying at the camp in the U.P. like every summer. I hadn't realized how much had happened over the summer until she was asking me every other sentence what in the world I was talking about!

Tuesday: Clipped coupons and scoured the store ads for the week. I am so slow at this, I literally set aside a night to make my grocery list!

Wednesday: Went grocery shopping with aforementioned list. Scored a free toothbrush and toothpaste at Walgreens. Threw in a few other necessities and my total was 20 cents after coupons and register rewards (from a previous trip). I hit up Meijer and spent my life savings because alas, I can't seem to be able to save money with coupons there. The good deals are all at the drugstores! I also spent over a half hour in line behind a guy that wanted a certain wine that wasn't on the shelf. HALF AN HOUR. What was I thinking.

Thursday/Today: Made beef enchiladas with the chicken enchilada recipe in the family cookbook. Didn't have bouillon so I used beef broth in place of the water. I swear, I'm always missing something! It turned out good anyhow. I also made oatmeal caramalitas from the same cookbook. Mmmmm they smell good! Darn it, they're not for me! If you go to church Saturday night you can eat them there.

Anyway, back to my original excuse. The biggest reason I'm not posting regularly is my computer. Honest. You should see my face every time I look at it. Absolutely disgusted. It's so slow, I can't upload pictures. And what could be worse than a post with no pictures? Oh yeah. Fifty posts with no pictures.

Make that five with the rate a post.


Amanda Kay said...

So when are you guys coming up?

I've been slacking at the blogging too....

Beatle Sue said...

Sometime during the week of the 10th