Apr 25, 2008

Suzy Homemaker

Work today was so INCREDIBLY FABULOUS! No really, actually, it was Kayla's last day, the lucky girl, so it was rather depressing. Sooo...I decided to drown my sorrows in a pot of coffee. I don't usually drink that much coffee, maybe twice a month if we're visiting. So I basically felt like superwoman and was able to get quite a few things accomplished tonight! I made some delicious monster cookies from the H**n*n cookbook.

Unfortunately, I forgot to use avocados. I bought them specifically for cookies but I forgot all about them until it was much too late! 'Spose I've gotta make guacamole now! Then of course, our apartment was in dire need of cleaning so I tackled the dishes, living room, and of course the bathroom. Oh, I forgot to mention, I also made chicken in the slow cooker so we can hopefully make panini's this weekend. And I made a hamburger for dinner. And I went to Kohls to get a few cooking utensils (like a cookie scoop) with gift cards of course! And...well that's about it. Maybe I'll get started on my "Thank-yous."
On another note, I finally looked at etsy, I've been so curious as to what it is! It looks really cool. And Jen, what are you waiting for? Get your stuff on there already! :)
Have a fabulous weekend! (I hear it's supposed to snow on Monday, blah!)

Apr 22, 2008

Older or Younger?

I went to see Cami for a haircut last Wednesday. I keep hearing both but what do you think, does it make me look younger of older?

Not the greatest picture, I know. I took it myself.

Apr 14, 2008

And Finally...What we've all been waiting for!!

Our pictures from Sharyn! I'm am very happy with how they turned out!! Here are a few of my favorites:

Weeellll, as you can see, I do like our pictures!

Apr 11, 2008


Thank-you to everyone who had a part and helped out in our wedding!
Thank-you Mom and Dad for all your help. For buying and preparing all the food, everyone said it was so good! For making Kirsten's dress, you worked up until the last minute on that one since I chose to have a flower girl from out of town. For making my capelet! I love it, I'm so glad I had something handmade by you on my wedding day!

Thank-you to my bridesmaids (Amanda, Kayla, Cindy) for all that you did for me! There's so much work that you did without me knowing it. Thanks for a fun bachelorette party and everything that goes with that! Thanks for decorating our car, I'm still cleaning that confetti out! ;)

Thank-you for the groomsmen (Dave, Ryan, Trevor) for suffering up there in the heat. And thank-you for everything you did for Jeff!

Thank-you ushers (Brett and Scott) for standing for so long and letting everyone stare at you!

Thank-you to Blake for being brave enough to walk down the aisle! And staying up there! (I hadn't planned on that.) And of course thank-you to Dan and Katherine for coming down and letting him do that!

Thank-you to Kirsten for being such a lovely princess flower girl! You did such a great job standing up there and talking to me! :) Have fun with that pretty dress!

Thank-you to my personal attendants (Annette and Ashley) for all your work on the big day. I found some interesting pictures on my camera! :)

Thank-you Sharyn for being our awesome photographer! I hope I'm still calling you awesome when I see those pictures! ;) I'm sure I will!

Thank-you Marijane for making me such a beautiful dress! It was so fun to be able to tell people I designed it!

Thank-you everyone else involved who probably won't read this but please know that you are greatly appreciated!

My Happily Ever After...

Is just beginning!
I haven't heard back from our fabulous photographer so I'm sorry to say that I can't post photos from her! Can't wait to see them!
We went on a cruise in the Caribbean for anyone who hasn't yet heard. The weather was fabulous, high 70's the whole week with wind. I could swear it was warmer than that! It was perfect, warm enough to go swimming but it wasn't too hot because of the wind. I didn't realize how nice the wind was until the last two days. We watched two ice carvers on the top deck, I don't know how they shaped that ice, it was melting so fast!
Our ports of call were St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Princess Cay (we were on Princess cruise lines, that was their private island). St. Maarten had tons of shopping but...we weren't shopping. We docked on the Dutch side of the island and took a taxi to a beach on the French side. And of course with French there comes nudity. That was weird.
I heard the St. Thomas was nice but we didn't see much of it. We had a couples massage in the morning, it was fabulous, and then took a smaller boat to St. John. Trunk Bay was gorgeous! We went snorkeling, Jeff liked it but I was a scaredy cat, I thought the fish and the coral were going to get me! Anyhow, on with the pictures already:

Er...so sorry, I don't have all the pictures on this computer so that's all I've got for you. Well besides that, we don't have very many pictures of us together considering our arms aren't that long and if we take them ourselves they all look the same.
We went to dinner every night which was really cool because they had "fancy" food and you can eat as much as you want. I had two entrees and two desserts just about every night. I tried chicken liver, veal, duck, lamb, pheasant, and quail!