Apr 11, 2008


Thank-you to everyone who had a part and helped out in our wedding!
Thank-you Mom and Dad for all your help. For buying and preparing all the food, everyone said it was so good! For making Kirsten's dress, you worked up until the last minute on that one since I chose to have a flower girl from out of town. For making my capelet! I love it, I'm so glad I had something handmade by you on my wedding day!

Thank-you to my bridesmaids (Amanda, Kayla, Cindy) for all that you did for me! There's so much work that you did without me knowing it. Thanks for a fun bachelorette party and everything that goes with that! Thanks for decorating our car, I'm still cleaning that confetti out! ;)

Thank-you for the groomsmen (Dave, Ryan, Trevor) for suffering up there in the heat. And thank-you for everything you did for Jeff!

Thank-you ushers (Brett and Scott) for standing for so long and letting everyone stare at you!

Thank-you to Blake for being brave enough to walk down the aisle! And staying up there! (I hadn't planned on that.) And of course thank-you to Dan and Katherine for coming down and letting him do that!

Thank-you to Kirsten for being such a lovely princess flower girl! You did such a great job standing up there and talking to me! :) Have fun with that pretty dress!

Thank-you to my personal attendants (Annette and Ashley) for all your work on the big day. I found some interesting pictures on my camera! :)

Thank-you Sharyn for being our awesome photographer! I hope I'm still calling you awesome when I see those pictures! ;) I'm sure I will!

Thank-you Marijane for making me such a beautiful dress! It was so fun to be able to tell people I designed it!

Thank-you everyone else involved who probably won't read this but please know that you are greatly appreciated!


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Now you have to change your "about me"