Feb 15, 2008


Stress aside, life is pretty good right now! Taking a cue from Sharyn's blog, here are ten things that made me smile this week:

1. My shower. Of course. I've been randomly grinning the last few days, just thinking about it. I think I'm still in shock that they were able to suprise me!

2. My dress. This goes with number 1 considering this is all that I had planned to be doing on Wednesday night...:D

3. Everyone that tricked me this past week:
JEFF: So what's your plan for Wednesday night?
So what's your plan for Wednesday night?
So what's your plan for Wednesday night?
So what's your plan for Wednesday night?
How did I not notice? He asked me SO many times. And then when I said I was going to coffee so I'd wait to eat dinner til then he said good. I thought he was saying that so I'd save money and not eat twice!
MARIJANE: Can you come over at 7:00? (me saying I'm going shopping and I'd like to go later, much later) Okay 7:30. Are Paula and your mom coming? (And how did I not think anything of it when Katie, Jenny, Gretchen, Kaitlin, Molly, and Jean were there when there were only supposed to be two or three other people?)
KAYLA: She said the boss told her to go home as soon as [boy's name] left after lunch. Normally she's mad when that happens. She wasn't mad. Even what I commented, "She's sending you home NOW??" She just smiles and says, "Probably because you said something yesterday." (Long story short, I was sticking up for her.)
PAULA: She says she's going out for her Valentine dinner a day early and MUST go to see my dress at 7:00. 7:30 is just too late.
JEFF again: Did you call my mom, she's wondering why you didn't call. (His mom should never have known that I was going to call)
KAYLA again: I told her I was going to try on my dress that night and asked if she wanted to come. I have yet to see a bridesmaid dress on someone (when it actually fits). She tells me at first "Yeah! I want to see your dress!" A little later she tells me "I don't know, I have to paint trim for my Mom and Dad." Then later, "I'm getting out early so I'll probably be able to go." And later still, "I don't know if I'll be able to make it, I'll call you if I can."

4. Dan and his exercising. He's so into it right now. Right now he's reading and doing the moves in: Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes. He holds each pose for literally 2 seconds.

5. Our new car. Yeah, it's material but I can't tell you how nice it is to go from a car with 200K plus miles to a car with 30K. I do still have to drive the 200K one but it's nice to have a break. It makes me think "wow, this is what a car feels like!"

6. Archie comics. I'm not sure if that was this week but I was reading good old Archie comics recently and I actually laughed. I'm not sure if I've ever done that. It was late. I don't even remember what was so funny about it now.

7. Kids at work. When they say "yes'm," "Miss Klayla," "Fe fi fo fum," and respond "Mommy" when asked what their mom's name is. (I have actually had kids who say "Hey that's my mom's name!" when someone writes 'MOM.')

8. People who smile at you in the store or on the road while you're driving. Such a little thing, but it's nice!

9. Seeing people I know while I'm out shopping. It's starting to feel like a small town considering how many familiar faces I see out and about it H-town and Brighton!

10. The tips and ideas I get from fellow scrappers. Like using nail polish on pages to add shine and glitter (it's cheap too!). And buying vellum in bulk to save money. By the way Sharyn, 500 sheets was the smallest pack they had. It was $50 which is a steal compared to the prices I've seen. But alas, what would I do with the remaining 400 sheets? Thanks nonetheless!

Have a great weekend!

(My spell check isn't working for some reason so I apologize if I left any spelling errors.)


Thank-you so much to everyone that came to my shower! And of course, thank-you for all the wonderful gifts! For anyone who was not there (Amanda, JEN, SARA, EMILY) :) I was SO suprised. I went over to Marijanes to try on my dress because she had the trim on and whatnot, yeah right. You sneaks. Of course I was already crying when I had my dress on so when I came downstairs I was still a little emotional so I was laughing so hard and crying at the same time! As we were walking down the stairs Marijane stepped to the side and I was thinking, 'what am I the queen or something?' That was before I heard the big "SUPRISE" and saw all the people! I got so many games (and coffee makers) so I guess I'll have to have game night at my place!

I had SO much fun! Thank-you, thank-you!

Feb 12, 2008

My New Ride...

Is with Jeff. We bought a car this past Saturday, a Chevy Malibu, navy blue. It's kind of depressing, you can't keep a dark car looking too nice in the winter. Darn salt. Anyhoo, I'm actually going to pick it up from Jeff's work this morning so I can drive it to work. He's taking it up north for their snowmobile weekend with a car full of guys. Eeks. Should I be nervous?

I'll have to take some pictures after we wash it. :)

Feb 8, 2008

Tag, You're It!

The Rules:
You must post the rules before you give your answers.
You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name.
Each fact must begin with that letter.
If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name.
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S-Scrap booker, I WILL have a wedding album someday :)
U-Utilizer of many crafts (at work). I try to use more than just paper and paint.
E-Engaged to Jeffery! :)

I will tag: