Sep 29, 2009

A Blustery Day and Saving some Cash!

Yesterday was a great day for ducks. And surfers for that matter. Jeff, Adrian, and I went down to Presque Isle to check out the waves. They were around 5-6 feet high and crashing over the break-wall. Not surprisingly, their were plenty of surfers to be seen. I was thinking they were so crazy to be out there in 48 degree weather, in the rain and wind no less...

Until today, when I walked to the library when it was 41, sprinkling, and windy...hmmm....maybe they weren't so crazy after all. I wanted to pick up a book I had requested so I packed Adrian into the stroller and off we went. I was a few hundred yards from our apartment when I called Jeff to tell him that if it started raining, we would need him to come pick us up, it couldn't be any warmer than 40. A couple hundred yards later had me calling him again to bring me a hat and another blanket for Adrian. Brrr! I wonder how many people shook their heads when they saw me with a stroller in this weather! Oh well, Adrian was warm and snug as can be; he was awake for about 5 minutes while I was in the library and slept the rest of the time!

It could have been a balmy 80 degrees for all he knew! (I think his hat was like this most of the time but as you can see, he doesn't seem to mind!) :)

I got to see Emily and Amanda yesterday (and Cale, Brady, and Kendall). I am so bad about taking pictures!! I was thinking I should have had Jeff take one of the three of us sisters. Maybe next time...if I remember. We all packed into Em's minivan (Jeff went fishing) and went out to find some coupons deals and freebies! In the POURING and BLOWING rain might I add, yikes! I just got such a chuckle out of all of us hunting around Walgreen's to see just how much we could get for a few cents change. We were there for an hour! (Shoot, maybe I shouldn't have said that. An HOUR in Walgreen's? Did you even know that was possible?)
I spent $2.46 out of pocket (I had register rewards from a previous trip) and got $8 Register Rewards back in the end. This is what I got:

Oral B toothbrush
Herbal Essences shampoo
Herbal Essences conditioner
2 bags of caramels
Halls cough drops
2 snickers candy bars (needed something so I would have more items than coupons)

I know I could have done much better than that but I hadn't realized that you need more items than coupons. (You can combine manufacturer's coupons with Walgreen's coupons on the same item.) I'm planning to go again tomorrow morning because there is a really good deal on men's razors and they were all out when we were there.

Sep 24, 2009

My baby (are you sick of hearing about him yet?)


I see Adrian all day (and night) every day but I still smile when I look at those pictures...I just can't get enough of those smiles!!

Ugh. Speaking of Adrian, he has the sniffles. He is way too little for that. I'm afraid he might have caught something when we brought him to church on Sunday, you just never know where those germs are lurking! The trouble is, now I'm not so sure if I want to bring him to church this weekend (if he still has it). Bummer too, because it's fall services here, which is even more reason NOT to bring him since there will be more people attending. We'll see...

Sep 22, 2009

Good Morning to Me!

He makes it very hard to be crabby in the morning!

Sep 21, 2009

I would post but...

...I don't have a picture of my little baby who is currently kicking the blanket off his chubby little legs and making all kinds of noise, possibly farting, and is about to cry because he wants his mom!

(Jeff is fishing with the camera again. Not fishing WITH the camera, that wouldn't work at all. He's fishing with Tom. Actually, he's fishing with a pole. And he is with Tom and he has the camera. Got it?)

Sep 18, 2009


Poor guy, he falls asleep everywhere...

Sep 16, 2009

My heart has melted...

(Stolen from my facebook status.)

Adrian smiled his first "real" smile on Sunday! It's still a big deal to get him to do it but oh so worth it. He has also started cooing at me every once in a while, that's even more rare than a smile but it is just too darn sweet. I took him for a walk in the front pack the other day and he kept trying to look up at me the entire time. Quite a nice surprise considering I thought he'd sleep the entire time! I'm nervous because he's been sleeping A LOT this afternoon/evening so I'm guessing I'll be up all night. So I should probably be sleeping, but go figure, I'm not very tired right now. I'm sure tomorrow night with be a completely different story!

Wish me luck!

Sep 14, 2009

Have you had your daily 3 or 6 or 8 or whatever it is these days?

Me neither.

Oh yeah, I meant fruit not coffee. (What were you thinking?)

Sep 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Oh dear. I was up around 8:30 this morning with Adrian and I was telling myself "just 20 more minutes of sleep then I'll get up and get ready for church." I woke up on the couch at 10:20, I'm thinking that's a little too late to get myself and my baby ready for 10:30! Let's not even talk about waking Jeff up when he went to bed at 4! We'll try again next week.

So I guess it's going to be a lazy day around here. I'm about to run up to the gas station (about 50 yards away) to get the paper (we were gone last week and the week before, they ran out before I got there!) so I can clip coupons and plan my grocery trip for tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday!

(I had his head in the middle of the burp cloth--he's been spitting up lately--and he somehow wiggled down that far. Thought I'd show you his hair!)

Sep 11, 2009


My baby boy is 1 month old today! The time has just flown and it probably isn't going to slow down anytime soon. But that's just a hunch!

I feel like he's already grown so much. A little of what he's been doing:

He holds his head up on his own but he's been doing that since he was about a week old. He "smiles" all the time but we haven't seen a real one yet. Newborn sizes are getting too small and he's not quite drowning in 0-3 anymore. He "pinches" very hard with his little hands when he's upset. He rolls onto his side all the time, although I don't think he really knows how to do it. He'll be ready for a johnny jump-up any day now (with some support), he "stands" if you hold him up on your lap. He *sometimes* follows objects with his eyes. He gets cuter every day. Hahahaha!

Oh yeah, and this is for you Amanda: His farts have started to smell really bad!

It's exhausting to grow this fast!

Sep 10, 2009

My little guy (is growing) and Photography (is not my forte)

Adrian at 3 1/2 weeks. (Pictures taken one week ago)

I need some help. I'm really struggling with blurry pictures here. Okay, I'll be honest, I'm struggling with all aspects of photography. But really, I can't seem to get a good no-flash picture without it being blurred and/or grainy. I'd love to hear some tips from those of you who actually know what you're doing! I have a Canon Powershot Elph series point-and-shoot. I know it is capable of taking better photos! Please help me!

Doggone Computer

Grumble, grumble...

I can't seem to upload pictures, I'll try again later.

Sep 9, 2009

Happy Campers

Our weekend of camping went much better than I would have expected, quite thankfully. The weather was beautiful and Adrian was wonderful.

I got a taste of what life will be like from here on out; when we arrived at the campground, Jeff and I each received a brief "Hi!" before being shoved out of the way to get to Adrian. This was the first time Auntie Jenny and Uncle Dave (and Dave's girlfriend Jenna) were able to see him so we were just his ride there for all
they cared! ;) As you can imagine, he wasn't put down very often.

This camping trip is all about the fishing for the guys (and maybe some of the girls too) so they were up before dawn every morning and out til nightfall every evening. Jeff caught a 10lb salmon (estimate) on the last day so we've had fish the past two nights. That was the only fish that was caught for the weekend. Better luck next year!

In recent years, the boys brought the boat back to the campsite for the day
and we'd spend some time on the beach. This year, they decided to anchor it off shore instead (the boat launch is about 15 minutes away) and go tubing. The kids (and mom and dad!) had fun tubing around the bay in their new flat topped tube. It looked like fun but Adrian and I stayed on shore and watched. Or, I watched and Adrian slept!

Sep 8, 2009

I'm still here

Sort of.

We survived camping this weekend! I'll tell you about it tomorrow and post some pictures, Jeff has the camera (he went fishing with Tom T. and his brothers). And quite frankly, I'm pooped. It's 12:20, why am I still up?!

Sep 1, 2009

Another Family Photo

Don't worry, I don't intend for this to become a weekly thing. But then I can't promise that it won't either...

I just thought we looked slightly more awake in this photograph.