Sep 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Oh dear. I was up around 8:30 this morning with Adrian and I was telling myself "just 20 more minutes of sleep then I'll get up and get ready for church." I woke up on the couch at 10:20, I'm thinking that's a little too late to get myself and my baby ready for 10:30! Let's not even talk about waking Jeff up when he went to bed at 4! We'll try again next week.

So I guess it's going to be a lazy day around here. I'm about to run up to the gas station (about 50 yards away) to get the paper (we were gone last week and the week before, they ran out before I got there!) so I can clip coupons and plan my grocery trip for tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday!

(I had his head in the middle of the burp cloth--he's been spitting up lately--and he somehow wiggled down that far. Thought I'd show you his hair!)


Megan Lorraine said...

We missed church too! Aars slept in, and the kids woke up at seven so by the time nine thirty rolled around, they were ready for a nap. So I took a nap with Logan and Travis, and Jenna

Amanda Kay said...

I got the paper too with all of the excitement of 5 inserts...but I was disappointed, I didn't feel there were any good ones....the kisses one will be nice for Christmas baking, and the Target M&Ms one will be nice too so perhaps I will make Monster COokies....just what I need!

Sara said...

I thought the same about the inserts (Amanda) good thing I only bought 2 instead of 5! But glad I remembered because the last couple of Sundays it somehow slipped my mind.

So snuggly little babes~

Beatle Sue said...

I bought two as well. It pays for itself anyways!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I only bought one (of each. We buy two different ones every week). I agree, there weren't really any good ones. Seriously disappointing.

Look at those soft little rolls of his neck. Mmmm! I want one. (I'm talking about the baby. Not the rolls. Got plenty of those around here!) ;)