Sep 29, 2009

A Blustery Day and Saving some Cash!

Yesterday was a great day for ducks. And surfers for that matter. Jeff, Adrian, and I went down to Presque Isle to check out the waves. They were around 5-6 feet high and crashing over the break-wall. Not surprisingly, their were plenty of surfers to be seen. I was thinking they were so crazy to be out there in 48 degree weather, in the rain and wind no less...

Until today, when I walked to the library when it was 41, sprinkling, and windy...hmmm....maybe they weren't so crazy after all. I wanted to pick up a book I had requested so I packed Adrian into the stroller and off we went. I was a few hundred yards from our apartment when I called Jeff to tell him that if it started raining, we would need him to come pick us up, it couldn't be any warmer than 40. A couple hundred yards later had me calling him again to bring me a hat and another blanket for Adrian. Brrr! I wonder how many people shook their heads when they saw me with a stroller in this weather! Oh well, Adrian was warm and snug as can be; he was awake for about 5 minutes while I was in the library and slept the rest of the time!

It could have been a balmy 80 degrees for all he knew! (I think his hat was like this most of the time but as you can see, he doesn't seem to mind!) :)

I got to see Emily and Amanda yesterday (and Cale, Brady, and Kendall). I am so bad about taking pictures!! I was thinking I should have had Jeff take one of the three of us sisters. Maybe next time...if I remember. We all packed into Em's minivan (Jeff went fishing) and went out to find some coupons deals and freebies! In the POURING and BLOWING rain might I add, yikes! I just got such a chuckle out of all of us hunting around Walgreen's to see just how much we could get for a few cents change. We were there for an hour! (Shoot, maybe I shouldn't have said that. An HOUR in Walgreen's? Did you even know that was possible?)
I spent $2.46 out of pocket (I had register rewards from a previous trip) and got $8 Register Rewards back in the end. This is what I got:

Oral B toothbrush
Herbal Essences shampoo
Herbal Essences conditioner
2 bags of caramels
Halls cough drops
2 snickers candy bars (needed something so I would have more items than coupons)

I know I could have done much better than that but I hadn't realized that you need more items than coupons. (You can combine manufacturer's coupons with Walgreen's coupons on the same item.) I'm planning to go again tomorrow morning because there is a really good deal on men's razors and they were all out when we were there.


gretch said...

wow! i should start looking at these coupons and saving myself a couple bucks.. haha

Anonymous said...

where do you find all your coupons!?

Amanda Kay said...

Yeah, I totally messed up with my coupons. But there's always next time!

Love the picture of Adrian! They get so snuggled up in their carseats, they definitely don't know what the temp really is!

Sara said...

Wish I could join you on your next trip with the girls!! :)