Sep 24, 2009

My baby (are you sick of hearing about him yet?)


I see Adrian all day (and night) every day but I still smile when I look at those pictures...I just can't get enough of those smiles!!

Ugh. Speaking of Adrian, he has the sniffles. He is way too little for that. I'm afraid he might have caught something when we brought him to church on Sunday, you just never know where those germs are lurking! The trouble is, now I'm not so sure if I want to bring him to church this weekend (if he still has it). Bummer too, because it's fall services here, which is even more reason NOT to bring him since there will be more people attending. We'll see...


Sara said...

oh no! not fun when baby has a cold....I know it can get scary fast (their air-ways are so small) Hopefully his doesn't get to bad!