May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

For the most part this weekend's weather was terrible but I think today has made up for it. It is absolutely gorgeous! (So why am I inside?) Jeff and I spent the day on Saturday at his mom and dad's. I mean "spent the day" quite literally. We went over at about 10 and didn't leave till about 10. Jeff had to help his dad put a new liner in their pool; meanwhile, I helped his grandma clean the house (His mom and dad's house). It was a relatively uneventful day except for when Jeff was sprayed in the face by the pool pump (giggle giggle tee hee). After the liner was finished, we called up Bridget and Trevor and went to Jeff's house to visit for a little bit.
On Sunday, we enjoyed some delicious lasagna and bread sticks with Amanda and Paul at her apartment. Afterwards we all went to mom and dad's. I ended up spending most of my time on the computer while most everyone else took a nap.
Finally, today, Monday I went to Jeff's in the morning and we went to Kensington for about an hour and a half. We went there to lay out but got bored pretty fast so we went back to Jeff's. They are planning on having a cook-out sometime today so we visited with Pete and Heidi's, Matt and Lori, Michelle and of course Ed and Wade. The boys played baseball (with a whiffle ball of course) while the girls discussed Jews.
Jeff and I left around 3 and went to mom and dad's where I pulled weeds and Jeff played basketball. We had grilled chicken, steak, and potatoes for supper. It was tasty (okay I'm just guessing that it will be good seeing as how we haven't actually eaten them yet).
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

May 27, 2007

Random Photos

Top: Aapo, the cigarette is NOT lit!!
Middle: Heather (L) J, Bridget P, and me
Bottom: Molly, Gretchen, Me, Kaitlin

Top: Aapo and Nikayda last time I went to MN
Bottom: Maggie a.k.a. Hot Dog!

Jeff (my ruggedly handsome boyfriend) and me.
Mark (Jen's husband) with my sunglasses on.

Mr. Photographer

I had Jeff take some pictures of me so I could show you my haircut but of the fifteen, there was only one or two that I actually liked. The picture labeled "Me" is actually the one that shows my hair the best...go figure.

Apparantly there isn't much of a difference anyway. Dad still can't really tell and when I ask Jeff he acts like it isn't any different.

Boys...grumble, grumble.

May 25, 2007

Corey and Heather's Wedding

Figured I'd post some pictures for you out-of-towners...

hair today, gone tomorrow

Well, I've been thinking lately, my hair is just too long. In February it was getting close to my elbows so I cut about two inches off (that's my trim). Then in March or April, I decided it was still to long, so I cut four more off. Then today I decided it was still too long so I cut about three more inches off! (Hopefully I can get a picture before I leave Mom and Dad's. )
Just in case anybody was wondering, the soap fiasco is over. I no longer have to worry about whether or not I'll be able to see out my windshield on the way to work. By the way, car washes are not open before 8. Not like I wash my car, but really, it may have been nice for that one time when I had it all over my rear windshield!
Hey, want to know somethin? Blogger autosaves your drafts automatically now, so all you whiners who keep saying your stuff disappears sometimes can stop complaining. (Can you tell that I've never had that problem?)

May 17, 2007

My weekly post

I know, I know, this is pretty ridiculous, I post about once a week if I'm lucky. But can you blame me? I can only use a computer when I'm at Dad and Mom's and I'm not about to start blogging at the library. Well my week has been pretty good so far; I had blue soap dumped on my car Monday night, went to a VERY (I emphasize very) important work meeting last night in Detroit, and now my roommate is sick so I'm staying away from my apartment as much as possible. Let my tell you, this week is flying by with all the excitement! On a more serious note, this weekend should be good. Friday is Heather's dinner and bachelorette party and then of course the wedding on Saturday. After the wedding Jeff and I will be going to one of the L's as is the norm for family weddings. And I believe we are going to visit Brandon and Cindy on Sunday considering I told her we'd come over on Saturday...well duh that's the wedding.

May 6, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Temperatures in the upper 80's, sunny every day but one, swimming in the ocean every day but let me tell you, it is good to be home! For anyone who didn't hear, I was in Fort Lauderdale for the last week with Ashley K, Kayla L, and Michelle H. It was definitely a learning experience. For starters it was my first time flying. I was a bit nervous about it but not as much as I thought I would be. No worries though, I enjoyed it. Now I'm practically pro.
We stayed at the Ocean Manor Beach "Resort." I put resort in quotations because it was a sorry excuse of a hotel and I still can't figure out how it could possibly be called a resort. We arrived at about 8:45 Saturday night. The room they gave us was an absolute mess and as we waited over an hour for it to be ready the staff could only tell us "You just need to make the most of the situation." In the end, we did get a better room and were reassured that we would not have to pay the daily resort fee (again, I have no idea what that could possibly have been for). Other than our first night it wasn't so bad. It took us a while to figured out public transportation but once we did we were all over the place. The area was split up by beaches so it was pretty easy to get around. It's nice to have a week off, just soaking up the sun! Throw some parasailing and shopping into the mix and you have yourself a vacation!