May 17, 2007

My weekly post

I know, I know, this is pretty ridiculous, I post about once a week if I'm lucky. But can you blame me? I can only use a computer when I'm at Dad and Mom's and I'm not about to start blogging at the library. Well my week has been pretty good so far; I had blue soap dumped on my car Monday night, went to a VERY (I emphasize very) important work meeting last night in Detroit, and now my roommate is sick so I'm staying away from my apartment as much as possible. Let my tell you, this week is flying by with all the excitement! On a more serious note, this weekend should be good. Friday is Heather's dinner and bachelorette party and then of course the wedding on Saturday. After the wedding Jeff and I will be going to one of the L's as is the norm for family weddings. And I believe we are going to visit Brandon and Cindy on Sunday considering I told her we'd come over on Saturday...well duh that's the wedding.


Sharyn said...

I don't understand the aversion to blogging at the library?

And what does Beatle stand for?

riss said...

uh its more like once a month heidi!! jk, but it feels like it because i check your blog every day pretty much at work just waiting for you to update it! :)

about the meaning of one point i knew why, but i sorta forgot the story!

Amanda Kay said...

I started Beatle way back when. Me and Kim when she was still a Kilpela and we were bored. We were so bored that we started using these idiotic english accents and came up with beatle, but said it with our excellent accents. Somehow it sort of stuck.

Nothing wrong with blogging at the library. I'm pretty sure I was at MI Works blogging....woops.

Jennifer said...

Beatle, I'd blog at the library. If you could blog more often, why not?


I get it.

That's JUST an excuse.

Got it! ;)

Blue soap??? Huh?! (Feel free to elaborate...)

heidi said...

Well yeah, maybe thats just an excuse but besides that I guess that one thing I get to look forward to when I go to visit mom and dad. Aaaaaand, about the soap...I've had soap dumped on my car about ten times now on random days, I had no idea who it was but I just found out yesterday (Saturday, after Heather's wedding) I am not at all suprised at the person but I still can't figure out why and I haven't seen her yet and she's not answering her phone.

Jennifer said...