May 27, 2007

Random Photos

Top: Aapo, the cigarette is NOT lit!!
Middle: Heather (L) J, Bridget P, and me
Bottom: Molly, Gretchen, Me, Kaitlin


Sharyn said...

I'm enjoying watching these as they pop up - I'll just sit here and hit the F5..keep 'em coming.

How many are graduating from Howell this year?

heidi said...

I believe it's somewhere around fifteen but don't quote me on that one

Jennifer said...

Oh no, you didn't!!! Aaahahahhaaa! I can't believe you posted THAT one. (Top one of Aapo.)

Amanda Kay said...

That picture of Aapo was from a couple years ago. No joke, he would find cigarette butts, put them in his mouth and just go along on his way.

Jennifer said...

True. But I DO believe this one was a pose!

Jennifer said...

Oh wait! Did I do that?! And I'm his mom?! I thought that was funny?!