Jun 28, 2007

Water Day!

You know that person that drives you crazy (and not in a good way) and does everything backwards, making no sense whatsoever? Yeah, well I work with her. I just have to keep telling myself two more months, two more months, two more months....Then she'll be gone! Well not forever but I won't have to work with her everyday because she's stepping down.
Anyhoo, we had "water day" at work today. My favorite day. It's crazy right before with getting suits on and getting all sunscreened up, but it's worth it. Picture this: 15 three- and four-year-olds running around with spray bottles, watering cans, and soaker balls. Oh yeah, and a huge beach ball sprinkler shooting out in all directions. Then me, chasing them around and forcing them into the sprinkler. Don't worry, they giggle away the whole time!
And the best part: they sleep soundly for an hour and a half shortly thereafter.
Ah yes...I love Thursdays.

Jun 25, 2007

Happy Monday!

The things kids say...(see, I can do this and I don't even have kids) ;)

I had just arrived at work the other day, it was our "water day." (Kids run around in a sprinkler.) The first thing out of the four-year-olds mouth is "Ms Heidi, I forgot my bathing suit today-does that mean I have to run around naked?"

I just got back from Charlie and Marijane's house, it is very lovely. Exactly how I pictured Marijane's house to be. I had called Cindy to see if she wanted some company and they were over there so I finally got to see it. (Jeff and I had been meaning to get out there but we kind of just kept forgetting.)

Have a great day...er...night!

Jun 21, 2007

Friday All Week

Man oh man. I have been thinking that it's Friday every day this week. It's really getting old! It's not like this week has been particularly long or trying, I just need a weekend. Actually, I think I just want to see Jeff. Before he started school I saw him every single day. Now it's usually only Fridays and Saturdays. I am just counting down the days til his next break...I think it's in July. Ah, yes, I remember. It ends the day before my birthday! How junky is that?

Jun 20, 2007

6 Weird and Unknown Facts About Me

Well here goes, I got this from Jen's blog and actually did learn something about someone that I've literally known my entire life! I'll warn you that some of these may be things that my family already knows or, who knows, maybe they've forgotten about them.

1. I write with my left hand but I do everything else right-handed. Of this I am thankful for. Sure it would be cool to cut left handed and whatnot but come on, how many pairs of left-handed scissors have you seen? The real weird thing however is that I paint right-handed. I'm not a painter you say? Well yeah, you're kind of right, but I do occasionally paint at work, it is a daycare after all. But for a while a few years ago I would play around with watercolors on computer paper and do nature scenes. I wasn't half bad but then I wasn't half good.

2. I wiggle my toes when I get my picture taken barefoot or with sandals on. I don't mean pictures of my feet, I just mean that I've noticed that if my toes are bare, I wiggle them.

3. I know for sure that my family knows this but other people may not know that Jeff is the one and only boyfriend that I've ever had. I have liked him since I was 14 (I think, or maybe right after my 15th birthday). I knew that he liked me for a long time and we were friends but all of a sudden one summer day on the way home from a trip to the U.P. I realized that I really liked this guy. I told him and we started hanging out more, with the two of us and a lot of times with his friends. We would go to football games and play pool, and he'd always pick me up for kyds. I was 15 at the time and Mom did NOT like this. We started going out that fall in October I believe it was but it only lasted a month. We had no intentions of going out again but remained friends although it was a little awkward. Then in June I found out that he was still interested in me and I knew that I had still liked him the entire time and that's why it was so awkward to be around him. We hung out for about a week or so before we were officially dating. It was a month before my 16th birthday (which is the legal dating age in my family). I told my brothers and sisters but Mom wasn't home at the time. She got home a few minutes after I had told them and Molly immediately ran out to tell. Mom said something about how I was too young and Molly piped up with "you were 15 when you started dating Dad!" So now you know. I hope Jeff doesn't mind that I said all of this. :)

4. I talk in my sleep. All the time. I've always known that I do because my brothers and sisters made fun of me for it all the time. I remembered this when I moved out and was a little worried because I share a room with Kayla. I waited for it. And it finally came. "Has anyone ever told you that you talk in your sleep?" Yup, several times in fact. I still don't know if this is true but Wade and Brett told me that one night I got up and started walking around the house like a barbie talking about Santa. Amanda has told me that I would sit up and call for Dad. Kayla said that I mumble things and when she arrived home late one night I smacked my lips like I had just put chap stick on and then looked at her and said "Oh, sorry." If anyone remembers anything else that I've said or done, feel free to comment.

5. I hate talking on the phone. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE talking to you, I just hate the phone. I feel that I need to keep a constant conversation up when I talk on the phone and I can't always do that. And then sometimes, okay, lots of times, when I try to keep a conversation going I can't stop talking and I cut the other person off and talk over them just so there is never even the slightest hint of a lull. For instance, I can go visit Cindy for hours and never be bored and have good conversation the entire time but when I talk to her on the phone, it usually only lasts five or ten minutes because really, we don't have constant chatter. Is this weird? Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

6. I can cross one eye. Okay I'm really searching for something here. I'm not that weird or unusual. (or am I?) Jeff can't stand it. It's not just goofy like when someone crosses both eyes. It looks sort of...demented. I'll do it for ya anytime if you want to see.

Jun 19, 2007

Who are you??

A message to all bloggers:
I like to check out other people's friend's blogs but so many times I can't figure out who they are because I can't find their full name anywhere and so many don't put a picture! It's interesting to read, but it's that much more interesting if you know who you're reading about.
Pass it on.


Here's a question: How often should a bathroom be cleaned?
My answer is twice a week.
I just cleaned mine today so the question was in my head.
BTW Clorox wipes don't count.

Jun 18, 2007

3 Whole Years

whoops!! I forgot to tell everyone that Jeff and I have been dating for three years now. I, like Manduh, always told people "about three years" but now it's for real. That's a long time huh? We decided to get Three Year Anniversary pictures....


Kidding. But I'll probably look back at them and say "This was our third year of dating, my goodness, it feels like yesterday..." (In an old lady voice of course.)

Thanks Sharyn!

As I was typing that title I realized that I probably spell your name wrong! I almost put "Sharon" and realized that it didn't look right.
Jeff and I had our pictures taken by the talented Sharyn Tormanen yesterday. Yes, we were the happy couple believe it or not! ;) I was so impatient to see the pictures considering I don't own a computer so I finally saw them when I got to Mom and Dad's after work. I was very happy about our outfit choices (sounds cheesy, I know) the colors look great. They are awesome! Check them out on Sharyn's blog or go to:


My favorite is number 9. I have to say, I've always liked candid shots over poses. Needless to say I am absolutely pumped to have those pictures since we really don't have any pictures of us together. Sometimes I wish I could hire someone to follow us around during the day and shoot candids, they're so fun!!

Jun 15, 2007

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

Whew! The weekend is finally here! This week has just dragged on by and I have been cranky for the most of it so...now I am much better! Plus also, I got this gift card for Chili's that I plan on using!
I am so antsy (sp?) to scrap right now!! I have been waiting for these pictures to come, I was expecting them last week but I gave my apartment address and apparantly I typed it wrong because they didn't show up. Well, they did email and tell me but I waited waaaay to long to check it so I was just getting cranky waiting for them. Buuut now I am waiting again they should be here by Monday. I order through winkflash.com and have been very impressed with them. The first time I ordered I was supposed to get 25 free prints (I'm pretty sure they do this all the time) but I did something wrong and messed it up. I emailed them explaining my problem and they gave me a new coupon code so I could still get them. The only problem is that you sometimes have to wait a week to get them but shipping is only 99 cents ALL THE TIME for 4x6 prints.
I've got to go help Manduh move!

Jun 12, 2007


I wasn't going to go to Mom and Dad's today. I needed to wash clothes but I was just here yesterday. Buuut....I got out of work, checked my messages and Amanda called, they had hamburgers so I decided to come over after all. Plus also my clothes are still dirty.

Jeff, Maggie, and Shopping

Apparantly Jeff has a blog now but I can't add it to my page because I can't remember the address.
My goodness all you H kids! Maggie is going crazy without you! She gets SO excited whenever we come over and Manduh says she follows her around like a er...puppy.
Breaking news of the day! I was reading an article about whether or not childcare is a good thing and apparantly researchers have said that a child's behavior is more influenced by a parent than by the childcare center. Who'da thunk it?
A boy at work told me the other day: Sometimes it's good to burp, that way you don't get gas.
Amanda, Larissa, and I went on a big shopping expedition yesterday. I drove out to Mom and Dad's, stayed for about half an hour, drove across town to Amanda's, stayed there for about half an hour, and headed back to Brighton. Yes. That is where I live. We went to the Green Oak (new Brighton mall) and went to Old Navy. Riss and I both bought something but not Amanda. We walked along to the next few shops: American Eagle and Aeropostle to name a few. We decided those were all too expensive and went to Target. Jackpot right? Um, no. We walked out empty handed. So much for that. And guess who planned the trip? Amanda. At least I got a shirt out of the deal.

Jun 11, 2007


My goodness! I didn't realize everyone was so eager to hear about Shannon! Let's see...what makes her cool. Well I think for the most part it is the fact that I really haven't known her for that long but I feel like I've known her forever. She's just one of those girls that you just 'click' with. She seems so happy and she's darn cute. And the fact that she's always saying she wants to hang out with me is pretty cool too! ;) I'll have to get over there more often. Okay, actually let's go back to the wedding. That is truly when I felt like I had found a new friend. I seriously barely knew her yet when we arrived at the church she came right up to me and gave me a hug. I thought that was really nice considering I wanted to give her a hug but I felt kind of awkward because I didn't really know her and all. I think that was the point when I thought, "You know, this is one cool girl!"
I should run, I'm going shopping with Amanda. She moving in a week :(

Jun 10, 2007


My goodness, I just don't know what happened!! I haven't been on here in forever. I look at everyone else's blogs and I'm like huh?? What are you talking about? It's like I've fallen off the face of the earth or something. So what's new whats new... a new baby!! Brandon and Cindy had a baby girl on June 1st. (Thats why I haven't been on....okay that won't work will it.) Her name is Alyssa and she is beautiful of course. But stupid me, I didn't take any pictures!! Brandon and Cindy are doing great, they are both just so pumped, it's awesome! Alyssa is doing good, she doesn't cry very much (or she didn't when we were there) and I guess she sleeps for as much as five or six hours sometimes! So needless to say, she's been a pretty good girl so far.
You know who's really cool? Shannon H (married to Eric). I've probably only known her for about a year maybe, and I only really got to know her once she got married. She is a very cool girl!!
Weeellll folks, I've got to get to Eric P's graduation party. Have a great day!!