Jun 19, 2007


Here's a question: How often should a bathroom be cleaned?
My answer is twice a week.
I just cleaned mine today so the question was in my head.
BTW Clorox wipes don't count.


Auntie Crazy Anne said...

I live by myself so my bathroom gets cleaned every 2 weeks with a bucket on my hands and knees. But I use clorox wipes a lot, so it is not scrubby. I think it depends on the messiness of the users.

Jennifer said...

Totally agree with Anne! When I was single I'd go about every two weeks w/ quick wipe-downs in-between too. Now I do the scrubbing once a week w/ Clorox wipes in-between the real scrubbing. (They are a life-saver! Esp. when unexpected company drops in during the week!) But My kids are getting bigger so I'll probably switch to twice a week one-of-these-years.

There is *nothing* like a freshly scrubbed bathroom. :)

Amanda Kay said...

Ideally I would scrub it up once a week. Unfortunately it usually goes two. And then I like to sit there and smile at how nice and pretty it looks. Oh wait, that's because I am looking at a picture of Paul, nevermind.