Jun 12, 2007

Jeff, Maggie, and Shopping

Apparantly Jeff has a blog now but I can't add it to my page because I can't remember the address.
My goodness all you H kids! Maggie is going crazy without you! She gets SO excited whenever we come over and Manduh says she follows her around like a er...puppy.
Breaking news of the day! I was reading an article about whether or not childcare is a good thing and apparantly researchers have said that a child's behavior is more influenced by a parent than by the childcare center. Who'da thunk it?
A boy at work told me the other day: Sometimes it's good to burp, that way you don't get gas.
Amanda, Larissa, and I went on a big shopping expedition yesterday. I drove out to Mom and Dad's, stayed for about half an hour, drove across town to Amanda's, stayed there for about half an hour, and headed back to Brighton. Yes. That is where I live. We went to the Green Oak (new Brighton mall) and went to Old Navy. Riss and I both bought something but not Amanda. We walked along to the next few shops: American Eagle and Aeropostle to name a few. We decided those were all too expensive and went to Target. Jackpot right? Um, no. We walked out empty handed. So much for that. And guess who planned the trip? Amanda. At least I got a shirt out of the deal.


Amanda Kay said...

I tell you, I don't know how to shop anymore!! I think I will be going tomorrow, please, wish me luck!