Jun 25, 2007

Happy Monday!

The things kids say...(see, I can do this and I don't even have kids) ;)

I had just arrived at work the other day, it was our "water day." (Kids run around in a sprinkler.) The first thing out of the four-year-olds mouth is "Ms Heidi, I forgot my bathing suit today-does that mean I have to run around naked?"

I just got back from Charlie and Marijane's house, it is very lovely. Exactly how I pictured Marijane's house to be. I had called Cindy to see if she wanted some company and they were over there so I finally got to see it. (Jeff and I had been meaning to get out there but we kind of just kept forgetting.)

Have a great day...er...night!


Sharyn said...

so did he run around nekkid?

Hey...I'm learning this computer...I should be able to burn you a CD this week...I just gotta go buy some. LOL And then figure out...but it shouldn't be too hard...there's a handy dandy button that says "Burn" cool, that!

Heidi Sue Beatle said...

Yeah, the little nudey, she loved it too. KIDDING! She just kind of got left out of that activity.
I was beginning to wonder about that CD! :) Take your time though, no rush. Better to do it right the first time.