Oct 23, 2008

No more teachers, no more books

Did I mention that Jeff's done with school? His last day was Monday. It's so odd now, I used to think ahead to my evening after work and wonder what I would do all by my lonesome. Now I'm like, "hey, Jeff will be home! What should we do tonight?!" It's really very exciting. AND we could go out to H-town every night if we wanted to and we would STILL be saving gas compared to him driving to Belleville every day! I think he was driving 100 miles a day.
Oh, and another thing; Trevor B. was saying the other day that both of them would fall asleep every single day on the way to school. And it was no big deal. Uh, hello, they could have died! BUT, they didn't and I'm really glad I didn't know that before although of course I suspected it because Jeff never got nearly enough sleep.


Amanda Kay said...

Congrats Jeff! I can't wait until Paul is done too....2 more months!!! Must be aweseome to have him around now!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jeff!!!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Congratulations Jeff!! I imagine that's a great feeling!