Oct 20, 2008

Too Many Blogs

I'm telling you, there are just way too many blogs. I sign in to post and get sidetracked by the 4.7 billion other blogs out there. I, of course, have to read all 4.7 billion. So a year later, I'm posting about that one weekend that Jeff and I went to Marquette to find a place to live. Which was a joke by the way.
I ended up working til about 8pm on Friday so we didn't pull into Marquette until the wee hours of the morning. We were both positively exhausted as we stood outside the Travelodge with the gusty 32 degree weather laughing in our faces. You see, in the U.P. they don't keep someone up to man the front desk all night. The guy came down in pajama pants and a red wings sweatshirt with clearly nothing underneath. Rubbing the boogers out of his eyes no less. He ran our card about 6 times but indeed, if it didn't work the third time, its probably not gonna work the sixth time either. We ended up sleeping in the car. Did I mention that it was 32 degrees? And I didn't bring any blankets. We trekked up to Walmart and were lucky enough to buy a warm blanket with our 13 dollars and a gift card.
The rest of the trip wasn't so bad considering we both got 4 hours of sleep at best that first night. We just felt a little clueless considering neither of us had so much as stayed the night there before. Most everywhere we called was closed. I'm still getting returned calls. A little late now. It's looking like we're going to have to sign a lease to a place we've never seen before. It's only temporary right? Convince me.
We went to the hockey game on Saturday night, Jeff's already talking about getting season tickets.
There was church on Sunday morning so we went and then left for home straight from there. Literally. Didn't even stop to change clothes. I'm glad that I knew we had bought that church from someone because if not, it would have felt even more awkward walking in than it already did. It felt like everyone was staring at the newcomers. I'm sure they weren't, it was just odd walking into a different place. However, once church started, the awkwardness disappeared. It is so wonderful to hear that same message preached even though you are in a "strange" place.
Back to our living situation; one of the numbers we called for an apartment happened to be a realtor. He said he's helped people find month to month rentals while they look for a place to buy. Hopefully he can help us!


Sharyn said...

sounds like a scrapbook worthy adventure to me!

Yvonne ~ A Fighting Optimist said...

I second Sharyn's motion, wow. Another chapter to your story!!

Megan Lorraine said...

shoot! you could've just stayed here if we'd known! We werent home, but it would have been WAY better than sleeping in the car! When are you moving up?