Sep 2, 2008

Camping and Saunas

ETA: I did actually type this post the next day, I just never put pictures on it. I'll post what I have tomorrow...if it works. I tried yesterday and the pictures wouldn't even load onto the computer from my camera. Sorry for the delay!

Date posted: Sep 5 (Yes I know, this wasn't quite the "tomorrow" that I was going for)

We took off on Friday afternoon as soon as Jeff was out of work. Well almost that soon, we met his parents at their house first and didn't actually leave for another hour and a half. And to think I was feeling rushed...
We stayed at the State Park in Traverse City; for any of you that have not been there, it's smack dab in the middle of the city, not exactly your middle-of-the-woods campground. The went (salmon) fishing at the crack of dawn every morning. I personally don't think any fish is worth losing sleep over. Apparently they disagree. Jeff caught two, Dave caught one, and Paul caught one.
Other than that, we played lots of card games, went swimming, played putt-putt, and went garage saleing (how in the world do you spell that anyway). Yes, garage sales. We WERE with Paula after all. I am glad we went; Jeff and I really lucked out. We had been planning on buying one of those Coleman gas grills for camping. We found one that looked like it had never been used for $15! They sell for 70 bucks at Meijer!! Jeff's sister Jen thought I was crazy because I kept buying books. I don't know about you but, I'm thinking 7 books for under $1.50 is a pretty good deal!
We ended up going to this one garage sale at the home of an older Finn couple. So of course, Jeff and Paul figured this out and struck up a conversation. Paula and I both bought toys from them. I had paid a dollar for three baby toys. I'm walking away thinking "not bad."
Later on, back at our campsite. A minivan stops in front of our site and who should it be, but this same couple! (We had mentioned that we were staying at the state park.) The woman recognizes me and hands me fifty cents. She says "I was thinking about what you had bought, and I thought 'we were making deals today, she should have only paid fifty cents for those toys not a dollar.' So here's your change!" I couldn't believe she had tracked us down just to give me a measly fifty cents! Well I guess that wasn't it. Once everyone started gathering wondering what in the world this couple was doing at our site, she turns to Paula and invites us all for saunas the next night!
Long story short, we ended up fishing that night instead of going for saunas. But imagine that, a complete stranger inviting us over for saunas!


Sue said...

Nice to hear that there are still honest people out there...though it cost her more than that 50 cents to deliver you your 50 cents! And about the books...I only buy them from garage sales, you got a good deal!

Amanda Kay said...

Track you down for your money and to invite you over for saunas...that's great!

Pete said...

Sounds like your camping weekend was fun! Heidi

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Wow, you never hear of that kind of thing happening. How nice!