Jul 31, 2007

Message from a 12-Year-Old

My new hobby: getting my hair cut. Honestly, it's getting ridiculous! I really do love it this time though and I have to say, everyone else does too. :) I keep hearing that it makes me look older. And this my friend is a good thing when people say you look about 7 years younger than you are.
We went to Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and Treatery as well as Borders for a walking field trip today. Does anyone remember what the temperature was at 2:30? I'm guessing it was about HOT degrees. The kids really seemed to enjoy it though so I guess all things considered it went pretty well. For anyone who has not been to Maggie Moo's (today was my first time) it is similar to ColdStone (but of course nothing beats Cold Stone) and the prices are about the same.


Junkyard Jen said...

Picture please! (Haircut). ;)

riss said...

was maggy moos ice cream good? we were going to have it one night but decided against it because we had never heard of it and didnt know if it would be good so went with dairy queen (which is my favorite ice cream joint)!

Sue said...

When I was pregnant with Derek (almost 22 at the time) I had people ask me my age and were suprised I wasn't 14! C'mon. The nurses were actually rude to me...one "apologized" after she read the chart and found out my age. Like that should have mattered, it their *job* to take care of the patients. Enjoy looking young...at my age now it is a compliment to have them ask if you are 30 yet. I'm almost 39.

riss said...

well i wish that was my case! i've been told my whole life that i look older than i am! so when i'm like 30 they will ask me if im 40 yet, thinking that im 50 and trying to complement me!

k, so i was exaggerating a bit with the 10 years difference - people really only think im a couple years older than i am!

Junkyard Jen said...

I always feel the need to tell everyone how old I am when I'm shopping for vintage junk. (I like the sound of that better than "antiques". ;)

I've had people offer up explanations about what things are and what they were used for like I was young and clueless.

Note: This is different from those who explain things when you ask what they are.

It's more of a patronizing way, like I have NO IDEA because I'm so young. They even go so far as to say,"blah blah blah...you wouldn't know because you're so young...blah blah blah".

They're almost always surprised when I say how old I am and I notice the subtle change in their voices. (I just call it respect. ;) It's happened so many times that my ear is trained to it). Lol!

Then they usually go on to make some sort of joke, like,"Oh! At my age, I wish people were making the mistake that I was [twenty years younger]! Hahahaahahaha!"

I can laugh it off a lot more than I used to. But I have to admit, I'm still working on that... I get frustrated sometimes when people think I'm 20 when I'm 30. ;)

Jeff said...

Actually riss I think the only reason that I think that you are older then me is that you’re with Brad I know that it’s not an excuse but knowing that Brad is older then me I automatically assumed that you were to. really even still Brad is not to much older then me.

Anonymous said...

well... let's see a picture!

emily :)