Jul 6, 2007

Baby's blood

A woman walked into work this morning with her son and asked to leave a note for her son's teacher. Apparantly he had gone home the day before saying that he drank blue milk that tastes like baby's blood...Sounds like a flavor of Bertie Bott's jelly beans.

Good news! Jeff is off of school for the next two weeks...up until the day before my birthday, figures huh?

Funny how time flies...
I was able to leave work early today so I came to Mom and Dad's. As I pulled up I noticed some kids milling around the yard and when I walked up to the deck I saw a whole slew of kids sitting on the trampoline and nearly tripped over 30 duffel bags. Turns out confo kids are here today. I remember the girls talking about it early but had forgotten until now. It's just strange, I was in confirmation about five years ago. While I never felt very old while I was in it, looking at all these young kids makes me realize just how young I truly was! But the strangest part of all is that I still clearly recall thinking how old Brad or Amanda's confirmation class was at the time. Nowadays down here, I'm among the oldest at kyds so I guess 14 and 15 is pretty young.


gretch said...

i always thought that the confirmation kids were so old too. it was actually only til last year when i realized that they arent old at all. even brett's grade i looked at as old.. (but not so much anymore)

Amanda Kay said...

Hi Heidi Sue! Cross your fingers I can make it down there next weekend~

Heidi Sue Beatle said...

Wahoo!!! Cept one thing...there's a party to go to on Friday night I believe and I need to be there

riss said...

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Heidi,
Happy Birthday to You!!!