Jul 3, 2007

Teacher from the past

Man, have I been slacking on this blogging thing or what?
I saw my 7th grade teacher when I was blogging at the library last week. He's one of those funny guys who's personality fits his looks so as soon as I saw him I bursted out laughing and yelled "SALMETO!!!" So now you have a 60-sum year old man with little circle glasses, bushy gray hair and a tank top (with chest hair poking out the top, no less) shushing me like I'm some sort of madwomen. "We're in a library!" he tells me.

Mr. Salmeto: So you're a H right?
Me: Yeah
S: So how old are you now?
Me: 16, 17, 18, I don't even know anymore, I'm 18
S: What?! 18? Really? So you're graduating this year right?
Me: No, I graduated last year
S: WHAT? YOUR KIDDING!! (note: we're still smack in the middle of the library) he pretends to have a heart attack, turning away, one hand in the air, the other over his heart. Has it really been that long?
Me: laughing I guess so
S: And who were your friends, was that L*ss*l* and K*lp*ll*(that's how he says it), you guys were inseperable (I can't quite figure that one out, we were never in the same class)
Me: Heather and Annette, yep, that would be them
S: Okay, lets go over here we finally head toward the library to avoid all the evil stares So what have you been up to?
Me: Well, I work over at a daycare behind Target now
S: Oh really, tell me some stories
Me: Er...like what?
S: Anything, I'm an english teacher, I need some stories
Me: Oh, yeah, Heather's married now
S: pretends to have a heart attack again. She doesn't have a baby does she?
Me: No, no no, she's just got married this spring.
He was great, like this but multiplied by ten when you have him as a teacher. He's the kind of teacher that makes you forget that you're learning.


riss said...

good teachers like that are few and far between!!

Cari said...

hey I had Mr. Salmeto too! He was definetly an interesting teacher...

Jennifer J. said...

If you run into Mr. Fischer, tell him I want my sketchpad back from my second year of drawing! ;)