Nov 23, 2007

Some Thanksgiving Day Fun

Jeff and I had turkey dinner with the L's. We were able to see Heather and Corey J which was nice. Heather does actually have a little belly contrary to what she told me. It's not very big, about as big as most people stomachs are normally but she has never had even a hint of a paunch. And now she does. :) She's excited though, she said she can't wait til its bigger. We came back to Mom and Dad's around 5 and stayed for the rest of the evening. We lost pretty badly in Rook playing against Paul and Amanda. We enjoyed some free entertainment as well, Dan was free styling and the boys were lifting everyone up like a half "airplane." I'll add pictures later, I need to go cut some hair. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


cami said...

I didn't hear that Corey and Heather were fun and congrats to them both!