Feb 18, 2010

My day started at 4:45

That's only about, oh let's see, 5 hours ahead of schedule. Did I say 5? I mean, uh...3 hours?

As hard as the waking up part can be, I really do enjoy the early morning. I've always considered myself a morning person more than a night owl although somehow I've "evolved" over the past year or so. My bedtime is closer to 12:30 on any given night. Adrian makes it too easy when he sleeps until 9 or 9:30. On the rare occasion that I do get up early (like today, so I could drive Jeff to work so I would have the car) I ask myself why I don't do this more often. I mean, maybe not 4:45 per se, but it'd be nice to see the sunrise every once in a while!

On the agenda today:

Write up grocery list and meal plan-I never did this...that is NOT good
Visit the Doc to make sure this...infection of mine isn't anything serious-Phew, don't worry, it was no big deal, got it all taken care of!
Take pictures of cards for Etsy (finally) if the sky stays clear enough-Did that, but I'll show you later
Make an exchange at JCPenney before getting my grocery shopping done-did that, now I have some fun tights that actually fit, I was so excited to see them on clearance for $0.97 I didn't realize they were the wrong size
GET LOTS OF QUARTERS-I came so close to forgetting this one
Drive to the airport to pick up my dear husband (where he works, he's not sunbathing in Hawaii or anything)-I might not have to do this anymore, he thinks he can get a ride
Make supper...still thinking about that one, I might just do pancakes and sausage-check
Do 37 loads of laundry which actually won't happen tonight with only one washer but you get the idea-Uh, yeah, I did two, can't wait to do a ton tomorrow!

I hope your day started off as good as mine did! :) And I mean that in all seriousness, I can sometimes be that annoying way-too-happy-for-this-early-in-the-morning person. (And I cannot for the life of me understand why people are crabby in the morning! Again, I'm serious.)


Amanda Kay said...

Yes, I'm crabby in the morning. I can admit it with no shame!
I'm so glad that Kendall gets up at a normal time now. Last summer we would sometimes be in bed until 10:30 am!!! Yuck! It's sooo nice to get up around 8 and feel like you have a day. I know I could set an alarm, but if you don't have to get up for anything, you don't. Anyways, I'm sure Adrian will switch his schedule soon and be in bed by 8, like most babies, and wake up 12 hours later.

Amanda Kay said...

Oh - and then down for her nap at 9:30. :)
She was a crab!! And I do believe it's quiet in the bedroom right now!

Amanda Kay said...

Okay, so let's see, that was an hour ago that I told you she was queit in the room. Total lie. It's been an hour and she's still talking away in there! Soon. Soon now she will be sleeping!

Sara said...

I Love mornings....Only after my coffee!! It does feel good to get up and get going and feel like you have a long day.

Cami said...

I'm always up early, especially with the hectic school schedule. But enjoy some of your mornings sleeping in now while you can. Once you throw another kid in the mix you might not have that luxury! : )