Apr 19, 2010

8-ish months

And the usual:

--> Crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on furniture, trying to walk along furniture, "standing" on his knees
--> Definitely learning that there are certain things he is supposed to stay out of; he looks at us, waits until we start to turn away, tries to grab it, when we turn and look, he pulls his hand back...little stinker!
--> Eating by himself! Woohoo! It is sooo nice to be able to give him the meals that I make for Jeff and myself! No more mashing foods for him!
--> Two little teeth poking up, so doggone cute! Unfortunately for him, he doesn't get to chew on Mom's fingers anymore!
--> LOVES mirrors. There is a big one in his room and he will stand up against it and give himself 'high five' and 'kisses.'
--> Gives big, wet, sloppy, open-mouthed 'kisses' all the time. I love it!
--> Still likes to do his yoga.
--> Loves to knock his blocks over. I could pile them up all day and he would casually knock them down again and again. It's just what you do.

Sooo...I'm almost embarrassed to mention that giveaway but I did finally get around to finishing it! Next time I have a giveaway I'll be sure to have it done before I announce it! (What a concept right?!) Check back tomorrow to see what it is! (Or today, by the time you see this!)


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

He is such a little honey-boy! I miss that little guy. :)

~ Jennifer