Apr 24, 2010

And the winner is...!

I had my dearest Adrian help me select a winner. Adrian is our puppy, he's really sweet and not-so-cuddly. He follows me everywhere and digs in everything so of course he loved helping me pick a winner. In fact, he was trying to pick a winner before all of the entries were even in the bowl. Of course, I told him that wouldn't be fair so he had to wait. When all the names were in the bowl he chose:


I realize that picture is blurry but as I was saying before, our puppy likes to dig in everything and that's his paw you see in the picture. I didn't have too many chances to get a clear shot before he grabbed the slip and ate it.

Well, not all of it, I did manage to grab most of it after I took the picture. Priorities ya know?

So, Congratulations to Chelsey! I will send you your prize just as soon as you email me with your address!

Thanks so much to everyone else that entered! I have to admit, I was really nervous about putting this on here. (Ask Jeff!) I kept thinking I must be crazy to think anyone would want it so I should also thank each of you for the little confidence boost that I got from each comment. Don't worry, my head will definitely fit out the door. I'm my own worst critic so, I tend to think the worst but, in the end I just have to think, if I like it, chances are someone else will too! You will certainly see more giveaways in the future but for now I have to focus on getting things in the shop so it may be a while! Thanks again for playing along! :)


Amanda Kay said...

Congrats to Chelsey! Love the puppy! :)

Sara said...

haha..laughing at your little puppy! too funny!

Gretchen said...

haha He sure is a cute puppy!

Chelsey said...

No way! I've never won anything in my life! But I'm in mqt this wknd so maybe I'll see you in church.

Yvonne said...

Chels gets home Sunday night and says, "mom, take a look at this!"
and that she would be conveniently in your area too. funny.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Way to go Chelsey!

Love your little 'puppy'. He's so cute!

~ Jennifer