May 3, 2010

My house is a-sailing

Right into Teal Lake.

And it has been for far too long. Twice, in the past week, a friend of ours has walked right into our shipwreck. To my credit, he was slightly unexpected. (But not unwelcome!) You'd think I would learn and get it straightened up but, today I plan on working on something else. Something with cotton/hemp fabric and a sewing machine.

The thing is, our home isn't usually that messy. I mean, of course, we have the usual toys strewn about from our energetic almost-nine-month-old but that's really unavoidable. We have boxes right now and that makes all the difference. And no, we are not moving anytime soon. We've just been spending all our money! Uh, I'm kidding actually, but we do have boxes. The biggest one is the most exciting one and maybe you think it's funny that it's exciting to me. Our not-so-little "little boy" is too big for his infant car seat, his chubby little feet have been hitting the back of the seat for a while now. I finally picked up a bigger carseat for him and he really seems to like it. When I would buckle him into his smaller car seat, he would struggle with me and try to sit up. Now, with his new seat, he can sit up! No more struggling! Besides that, we didn't carry him around in his car seat very much because he was getting so heavy so this isn't really a big transition in that department. It's nice to have one less (very bulky and very heavy) thing to carry out of the house!

I have found that the less I blog, the harder it is to blog. That's not me giving up, that's me saying, I need to get back to being regularly irregular.

Until then!


Sara said...

yeah, stop slacking girl! But I'm excited to see your lasted project too! (if that's your excuse for not blogging...)