May 12, 2010

9 months

It's hard to believe our little [big] Adrian has been out in the world for as long as he stayed safe and snug in my belly. Each day as I look at him, I see a little boy more than I see a little baby. It's so fun to see him learning and exploring. Oooh, exploring, he's into everything! And he wants to follow me everywhere. I love it!

We have been teaching him a few signs: all done, more, eat, milk, and ni'night. He understands all of them except 'more.' Or, maybe he understands more, I'm not sure, we haven't been using that one for very long. Well, I shouldn't say that, I think he learned 'milk' in two days, for some reason it humors me that he learned that particular sign so quickly. He has signed 'all done' once or twice on his own, it's awesome to see him catch on!
At about 8 months, Adrian learned to pull himself standing, now he's starting to walk along furniture. Today, he actually reached overhead and pulled something off the table; there's not much that he can't get to!

I have tried a few times in the past few days to get a decent picture of him but he's been a little under the weather (I thought we were past that season) and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Bummer dude.


Yvonne said...

cute post Heidi of your little boy. i find it so fascinating that little ones like this can pick up signing so quickly. little sponges.

jean;) said...

wow beetle he is getting so big i can't wait to see him and you next week

Sara said...

oh, Little buddy boy! Orrin needs to meet his little buddy (he's getting all excited over here pointing at his pictures!)

I just started teaching 'more' to Orrin - kind of forgot about signing. It's so neat to see how fast they pick it up! And it sure makes our lives easier when they can communicate somewhat to us (saves some tears).

Amanda Kay said...

Well......I have been trying to get Kendall to sign 'more' for quite some time...I can't say I've been faithful with it, but I have done it a lot. Yesterday or today was probably the first time she has tried to sign it...I think....she just flops her arms and hands around and I think that's what she means! And maybe she has done that before but I never realized it was 'more'. She definitely shakes her head no when she doesn't want any more though.