May 25, 2010

Sweet Summertime

We are in the midst of a heat wave right now. I keep asking myself, are we still in the U.P?? It is super humid as well. If you'll notice the background in this picture, it's been hazy for the last few days:

This boy was covered in sand head-to-toe by the time we left the beach!
Adrian and I were downstate for most of last week. A friend of mine was heading down with her baby so she asked if we would come along. I'm sure it made the trip a little easier to have another driver! As I reread what I just wrote I have to chuckle, we ended up taking my car. So I guess we just went down on her suggestion! :) I went garage saling on Thursday with my mom (and Larissa and Jeanie) and then again on Friday with Jeff's mom (and Jenny and Katie). I had decent luck both times, even passed up a few bigger items because I didn't have room to get them back home. Unfortunately, I did not find a single piece of clothing for Adrian. I guess that's okay, I think I'm all set until spring. He still needs winter gear and a few pairs of blue jeans would be nice. There are still plenty of garage sales to be had!

On Saturday, I was able to go out to breakfast with Kayla and Ashley. I was quite delighted that Ashley asked her younger sister Stephanie to come as well. We have never really hung out but she is the sweetest girl and it was so nice to be able to visit with her! Old Navy had their annual flip-flop sale on Saturday as well so I rushed over there before heading to IHOP. They were $1 a pair! I was tempted to stock up for the next few years...and I could have if they actually had my size in the colors I was looking for!
Now we are back home sweating our buns off. I was excited to go grocery shopping today just to enjoy some AC for a couple hours! My poor Adrian is so sweaty all the time, hopefully he'll make it through the summer. Luckily, we live right across the street from an [inland] lake so I'm sure we'll be spending many of our days there! And hopefully these past few days haven't been a preview of what the next 3 months will bring!

(I forgot the camera at home when I went downstate, these pictures are from Monday. It was a high of 89--actually reached 95--so we stayed out of the house as long as we could!)


Amanda Kay said...

ha - and I'm hoping this is a preview of what the summer will be!! I want a SUMMER this year, I don't care how hot it is!