May 29, 2010

Let's hit the beach!

I FINALLY listed a bag I made recently (pictured in the "Etsy mini" at right). You would not believe the ideas flying around in my head every day and how inspired I get from the most unexpected places. I'll have to give you a better idea someday. I see things and I'm just itching to create, I mean, literally, I feel as though I can't sit still just thinking about it. And then I step back and take a moment to think. And I realize I have 2 items in our shop. 2 items. That's just bogus. I should be filling the place up! Here's today's excuse for not working: it's supposed to be 90 which means our top floor apartment will be 95. Adrian and I will be hitting the beach. Just as soon as I hang the clean clothes on the line.

Enjoy this hot and sunny day! Garage sale finds coming soon.

ETA: It never did get that hot. I'm not sure what the actual temperature was but when we returned from the beach it was only 78 inside.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't your apt. have air conditioning?? If it does put it on as it is much cheaper to cool a place as heat it.
Love, Grandma

Beatle Sue said...

Grandma, we do not have a/c. We could buy a standing window unit (the only kind allowed) and pay an additional $20 a month but at this point it's not really worth it. There's a lake right across the street! That's where I'll be spending my hot summer days!

Cami said...

That bag you made is super cute! Great job!