Mar 30, 2007

No more wisdom

I got my three (yes three) wisdom teeth pulled this morning and it was not bad at all. I was quite nervous but they gave me laughing gas so I was laughing quite a bit and then before I knew it was all over anyways. I'm doing pretty great right now, only one side of my face looks goofy but I can talk fine so if anyone wants to call and say hello go right ahead! I've seriously been feeling good, I know I've said this already but I think I am still suprised by it. I just want to say my wonderful boyfriend came over (I'm sorry about that Jeff, I just walked away from you) and gave me some lovely flowers but I took them, turned around and went back to sit down, I'm not sure if I even said anything. Then he left. That was good because he would not have wanted to see what happened next. Let's just say I jumped up quite suddenly b/c I was sleeping when he knocked on the door and my stomach was NOT happy about it. Anyhow, I think that enough information for now! goodbye folks!


Jennifer said...

Hope you're still feeling good today!

Amanda Kay said...

I heard a tad different version of this same story, but I am glad that you are doing good. Hopefully you won't get infected like I did and hopefully you can eat before long. That was the hardest part, smelling food and not being able to eat it!!

heidi said...

aaaahh...I've been eating everything, chicken, pizza, I just had a grilled cheese sandwich, hopefully I don't rip my stitches!