Apr 2, 2007

Still doing good...

Well my mouth is still doing pretty good, it just sometimes hurts to swallow like my stitches want to go down my throat and it's kind of gross because I can't ever really tell if I have food in them or not but at least no one can see them!
Not much going on today, I just came to Mom and Dad's for some supper and then I've been painting my junk in the basement. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my picture frames up in my apartment??? I know, it's kind of ridiculous it doesn't take that long but I keep putting if off. Mostly because I had painted them all white not too long ago and now I'm painting them different colors because uh hello, white walls? I am so not having white stuff hanging on them!
On another note...26 days till I go to Florida! Did I mention I've never even been on a plane before? I finally got my graduation present from Dad and Mom which I can use when I go: a huge suitcase. If I can't fit a weeks worth of summer clothes in there I'm in trouble!


Jennifer said...

Uh hello. :) I plan to have white walls, white frames, white furniture, white, white, white. :) LOL. (Seriously, I do - in our new house. Just thought I'd give you a hard time) :)

Heidi Sue Beatle said...

You know what though? It will probably look cool. On the other hand, I love anything with lots of bright colors!