Apr 5, 2007

Michigan weather...grumble, grumble...

What is with this? It was, what, two days ago that we didn't even need coats and now snow?? Gotta love Michigan. Well to brighten the mood on this otherwise glum day, here are a few things from my kids at work:

Yesterday: I was talking to Danielle towards the end of nap, she said something about naptime being the only time we had any piece and quiet around that place. Reply from the peanut gallery: Pieces of quiet???

Today: I asked a boy who NEVER sleeps at nap if he had taken a nap, his reply: just a little catnap.

Today: As I'm crying after hearing the news I hear a girl talking to her friend, what can we do to cheer Miss Heidi up? I wonder if bubbles would cheer Miss Heidi up?

And this, my friends is why I'm stickin around that place even though the parents and the staff drive me up the wall sometimes!


larissa said...

kids say the cutest things hey?! a little comment from them can really brighten up a day!