Apr 10, 2012

First Real Bath, First Family Pic

This was actually from last week, but I thought I'd post pictures because he's just so darn cute.

Gotta love the 70's sink, huh?

Isaac loved his first bath. I thought he would cry the entire time, instead he was completely content the moment I put him in the water. He was unusually restless all day yesterday, the fussiest he's been which wasn't much at all really. As soon as I gave him a bath, he calmed right down. It's so sweet to see, he's just so happy in there. It must feel familiar. Hopefully Adrian learns a thing or two from his little brother; he does not like to take baths and never really enjoys them. He's always especially nervous to lay down. I think he got hurt in the tub many, many months ago, like maybe a year ago. Maybe that's why but really, it seems like he'd be over that by now. Hopefully he'll be more relaxed after seeing Isaac enjoy a few baths.

First family picture:

Ha, so I was laughing so hard I was crying but I wanted to show this anyways because I melted a little bit when I saw this picture of Jeff. He's looking pretty good, right?


Jeanie said...

He looks amazing. Just look at the picture in the frame behind you guys it shows a big difference!!

Gretchen said...

He is looking good! That's awesome! And Isaac in that first picture is so precious! I should come visit him again!

~ Jennifer J. said...

He's looking great!

Love Isaac's expression in the bath - you can tell he just loves it.

~ J

Jodi Ann said...

Oh my gosh, that family photo is perfect!! You have the most beautiful family. Aww poor Adrian. Jacob has never really liked baths either, but he does better when both boys get in the bath together. Maybe your boys will be the same way. You're such a great mom!

Jodi Ann said...

p.s. I am like 99% sure I've been calling your adorable Adrian "Aiden" oops! sorry :)

Sara said...

Wow - He looks younger! Way to go Jeff!!! :) What a sweet little babes!
Orrin just pointed to Adrian and said, 'that's my friend'. Wish they could see each other more often. :(

Kaitlin said...

Aw! All your handsome boys! Jeff looks great! And I need to come down sometime to see the new little dude now that I am feeling better.