Apr 25, 2012

A Visit from Auntie Keeks and a Pint-Sized Pair of Pants

My sewing was pleasantly interrupted suspended by a visit from "Auntie Keeks" yesterday. Truth be told, I hadn't started by the time she arrived in the early afternoon. We walked to the park (just a little too much, I'm doing a lot of sitting on my butt today). We had a good visit while Adrian played and requested pushes "pretty higher" on the swings and a spin around the merry-go-round that ended with him flying off on his bum. Hm, guess that's why they don't make those anymore.

Anyhow, I dressed Isaac in his new pants, made by his mama, after his bath today. I figured he might as well wear his cute little dress shirt too since we won't be getting much use out of that--he'll be baptized on Sunday and Jeff works the Sunday after that. Before you know, he'll be too big for it!

They're upcyled (of course). I found a linen dress at Salvation Army sometime in the past year and had intended to make pants for Adrian after seeing this tutorial on Made. Now, realizing that Isaac had no dress pants (not like he really needs them, but it's fun to get the boys dressed up for church) I made a pattern using a pair of his sweatpants. I had to do a lot of tweaking and they're still not quite right. I want to be able to design more patterns eventually so this was a start.

Seriously, check out those cheeks!


Heather said...

He. is. so. cute, Heidi! Seriously, what a hunny! The dress pants are cute!

Sara said...

wow! You even make pants? They look great and so does the little chubby cheeks wearing them!

Amanda Kay said...

He's so cute all serious-like! Good job on the pants!

Heidi Sue said...

The pants were actually really easy to make, about the same as making a pair of pajama pants. It was the pattern that was tricky. It's fun to figure out how things come together when the flat pattern pieces look nothing like the finished product.