Apr 27, 2012

We Like Stripes

Jeffery worked with a friend for part of the day and I stayed home and spent some time with my sewing machine. Nothing too exciting today, just a few things that have been adding up in the finish up or fix pile. Like the baby wrap that I've been trying to finish. I finally did today because I didn't want Isaac laying by himself all day while my hands were busy. He's sleeping in it as I type..pictures on a day when I actually get dressed. I was working on resizing a pair of pants today so I never quite made it out of my pajamas since I intended to wear the pants when I finished.

We only had one little mishap; Adrian figured out what I mean when I say "don't touch the iron, it's hot." Poor kiddo cried "OW!" for 10 minutes straight as I tried to console him. He's been running around with a wet paper towel wrapped around his finger for the last many hours. I tried to put lavender oil on it but he kept wiping it off and we don't have any bandages. Pair that with his dirty, almond butter face, and tiny little boxer-brief clad body and he's quite a sight. 

I was hoping to actually work on something fun for Restyle once I had a few other little projects out of the way, but that never happened. There's always tomorrow! Or later this evening. Even though I wasn't super-duper productive since I still had to look after my boys it was so nice to have a day of sewing (and neglect for the rest of our home, of course). I need to do that more often. (As Jeff's eyes widen.) ;)


Grace Marie said...

wait! did I dream that you made little baby pants?

I'm going crazy. Love the new blog header!!